Sunday, September 4, 2005

One of those days....

Well, Saturday was just one of those days. We were off to pick berries at a friends farm at the top of the mountains. We got off late....cows were uncooperative during milking time. But finally the whole family was in the Suburban and headed out.

Berry picking was wonderful! The weather was warm with a cool breeze, berries were plentiful and yummy. I enjoyed seeing the boys working together, baskets strapped to their waists while red and purple juice ran down the corners of their mouths.

We headed home a few hours later only to find a frantic Mom (mine). While we were gone, those uncooperative cows had planned and executed an escape. My Mom looked up and there they were, outside her living room window in the neighbors field (Mom lives on our farm in her own home). Now...Mom is 79 and pretty spry but not up to chasing cows all over creation...although she tried. She was in tears by the time we got home. She was afraid they'd "run away", get stolen by thieves who would butcher them before we could find them or they would get hit by a car. Now in our little valley, when a cow or horse runs away, someone always calls to tell you they found it. I haven't figured out how they do this. Somehow they always know which cow belongs to which family. People in this valley know our animals....even though we have never met these people!

Anyway, I went about putting berries in the freezer while the boys and hubby went cow hunting.
Before long they came strolling up the drive way, single file, followed by dirty boys and hubby.

Fences were repaired and everyone seems happy now. Except perhaps for Mom....I don't think she has quite gotten over her cow chasing episode. She jokingly asked if she could move to the city....the answer was no :)

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