Monday, September 5, 2005

Seasonal changes

I finally got my nose out of the canner for a wee bit this afternoon. I was surprised to find the leaves falling from our Catawba tree in the front yard. The sun was warm but the breeze was
cool. We have been out of the city for about 7 years but feel like we are just beginning to recognize some of the signs that God gives us in reference to weather and seasonal changes.
I don't recall the weather being this mild or the leaves dropping this soon in 7 years. I will have to take a look at the horses' coats and see if they are "wintering" up already. Help me out here folks...what should I be looking for/listening to?

I had the sweetest birthday present 7 year old told me after breakfast that he had a special present for me but needed to go outside to "catch it" and it might take a long time. How could I refuse those big brown eyes (after I made sure it wasn't a snake!)? Well, I kept an eye on him through the kitchen window. He was after a butterfly! He spent over an hour standing with a bloom he had clipped off of the butterfly bush and sure enough a beautiful butterfly landed on it and Elijah walked ever so carefully to the window to show me my present. This inspired him.
He put the bloom in his screened bug box and spent the morning catching more butterflies for me. He would race to the me his catch and then set it free and start over. He truly loves and enjoys God's creation and being outside!

Seems we get in such a rush in life...hurry to get this done and that done that sometimes we forget to take the time to enjoy the beauty that God has given us here on the farm. Isn't it wonderful how God's creations come alive again through the eyes of our children?!


  1. That is incredibly sweet of your son. What a great present, and a thoughtful child!

  2. An incredible gift that you probably won't forget, and, as my always-practical mother would say, one you don't have to find a place for! (I'm also a Tennessee lady, moved to the country about a year ago with husband, four children--2yo to 14yo--and my parents. Also working toward more God-reliance and self-sufficiency. Would love to read more about what you do for food and medicine. I think we have a pretty good grip on food, but are a looong way from being as sufficient as we'd like to be. Medicines, herbs, etc., however, are a mystery to us.)

  3. Hi Bradshaw Family,
    You can email me at for info on food, herbs and medicines :)

  4. I noticed on KSmilkmaid that you offered to post her some hints on fluffy wheat bread and a recipe for applesauce cookies. Would you be willing to post them on your blog...I think there are some of us out here who would like that very much:)

  5. I would also love your tips on the bread and applesauce recipes. I'm enjoying your blog!


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