Friday, September 9, 2005

What's wrong with that egg???

Norther Farmer (see link to the side) has a wonderful post today about dangerous eggs. It reminded me of when we first moved to the farm. Now, remember we were city people....we bought what the grocery store calls eggs. We moved to the farm and one of the first critters we purchased were some hens. My mom even bought a fancy little house for them to live in (another story!) They were so pretty! I loved the muted clucking sounds....such a comforting sound to me for some reason. Within a few days we had our first brown eggs! There were 3 of them. We decided to scramble them so we could all have a taste. What an exciting day! The 4 boys, my mother and I trotted off to the kitchen to sample these wonderful gifts.

We cracked open the first egg....oh no! Something was seriously wrong....we tried another...and another...something was wrong with all of them! Where was the yellow yolk? These yolks were all a very dark orange....and they stood up really high in the pan...and the whites were really thick...they didn't spread properly....what had we done wrong? As a Mom, I was worried about letting my kids taste them....could it hurt them...poison them? Should I throw them out.....
suddenly it occured to me....perhaps this is what God intended an egg to look like....maybe we had been eating bad eggs all of our lives and this is what good eggs looked like.

A quick call to an experienced farmer friend assured us that this was the REAL DEAL! "The eggs from the grocery store were produced by hens kept in horrible conditions and therefor were anemic...go ahead and eat them".

So we did....we were amazed....these eggs actually had flavor! GREAT flavor! Eggs on toast quickly became a favorite meal....runny yolks sopped up with buttery toast....DIVINE!

We look back now and laugh at our ignorance sad that people think that what they buy in the store actually nourishes their bodies the way God sad that the majority of the population has been sold a lie by big AG and great marketing!

When we have "moderns" visit us on the farm we almost always crack open an egg and let them see the difference....the cry we always here is "Ooohhhh, what's wrong with it..." We just smile and thank the Father for bringing us here and teaching us gently about His provisions. We pray we can do the same for others.


  1. Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That reminds me of my first successful veggie garden. I simply could not bring myself to eat stuff that I had seen covered with dirt and bugs.



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