Monday, November 14, 2005

Winter ear aches and herbal solutions!

When my second child was young, he had constant ear infections. They were so frequent that we purchased an otoscope and learned how to use it so that we could diagnose ear infections at home. We wanted to determine if a trip to the doctor was necessary. Although I was using herbs to treat my children at that time, I did not know I could treat ear infections and ear aches easily and simply at home. Since learning this, the rest of my children have been treated with herbs and we have successfully avoided the traditional antibiotic course of treatment.

Evidence shows that antibiotics are so over prescribed in our society, that we are creating superbugs that are resistant to normal courses of treatment. Antibacterial soaps, shampoos, detergents, cleaning supplies, toys, etc. line our store shelves. Our bodies are not given the chance to develop normal resistance while at the same time superbugs are emerging. In our home, we avoid everything labeled "antibacterial" and have found our family to be much healthier.

The herbal treatment for ear aches/infections that we have found very successful is a Mullein and Garlic Compound. You can buy this in health food stores - the only brand I recommend is HerbPharm. You can also purchase directly from them. All companies have a slightly different formula. I believe that the addition of St. John's Wort flowers in HerbPharm's recipe is what sets it apart as the best.

You can also purchase a small book from them for $3.95 that lists over 150 liquid herbal remedies and their uses. I use the Therapeutic Herb Manual very frequently and highly recommend it. It is full of useful information on using herbs effectively and it is indexed in the back of the book by ailments.

The Mullein and Garlic Compound is a blend of Calendula flowers (30%), St. John's Wort flowers and buds (25%), Mullein flowers (25%) and Garlic bulb (20%). This is done with a hot oil infusion. Once made and strained well (you only want the oil), keep this in a dark brown bottle with dropper.

I warm the oil by rolling the bottle between my hands for a few minutes and then place 2 or 3 drops in the affected ear. You don't have to warm the oil but it adds greatly to the comfort factor for the child (or adult!). This oil works very quickly to relieve the pain. I give this oil several times throughout the day. Be careful that the dropper or the mouth of the bottle doesn't touch anything (ear, hands, skin etc.) that might contaminate it.

This oil works by destroying the bacteria/fungus living in the ear canal. It helps to reduce inflammation and relieves the itching. It also has the ability to relieve the pain associated with ear aches. One of our boys developed a strange looking fungus in his ear canal after swimming in dirty water. It was very painful. The pain relief was almost immediate and the fungus disappeared in a matter of days.

Of course, I encourage you to grow Mullein, Calendula, Garlic and St. John's Wort and to make this compound at home. But in the meantime, be sure to purchase a bottle and keep it on your shelf this winter.

Caution: What you have read here is based on my opinion and my experience in our own family. Ear infections can be very serious...and can turn into other serious medical problems. Therefore it is important to promptly seek qualified medical care in any ear disorder with fever or where redness, pain, or swelling is severe or persists. You are responsible for your own medical decisions.


  1. We use garlic to worm our guardian dogs, cats and livestock. It is very effective. We also eat a lot of garlic so that protects our family from worms and vampires. :)

  2. Walter,
    Please share how you use it to worm your dogs cats and livestock...

  3. The persistent ear aches were what finally drove me to start looking into "alternative" medicine. Going to the doctor to have them tell you something you already knew and prescribe something you already knew you needed, all for at least $50 got a little annoying. Same with ringworm, which I guess garlic helps prevent as well, right? Thank you for sharing this tip, I'm sure it wil be quite handy. Our family is trying to incorporate more garlic into our diet, which is just fine with me!

    I wanted to email you about a project, but don't see your email anywhere. If you get a chance, look here ( for what I wanted to contact you about, or email me at schooloftrout at

  4. Our family is just getting into the idea of herbal health. In fact, just yesterday we got a book from the library about the medicinal value of garlic. I always knew garlic was supposed to repel fleas on dogs, but I had no idea it had so many other uses. Thanks for the HerbPharm link.

    I like your site. I found it and many others like it from Herrick Kimball's blog. Its nice to find so many people with similar ideas and aspirations.


  5. James,
    I am excited for you, You will be amazed at what God placed here on this earth for us in the area of health and healing and how easy it is to use!

  6. TNFG, I don't see how to email you, but there is a conference in Franklin, TN this weekend that you and your readers will be interested in.

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  7. My husband just found your blog and pointed out that it looked like someone had taken mine. I use the same format. But also the life you are living sounds like what my husband and I are dreaming of doing. Probably in about 7-10 years. We live in New Zealand and are Christian Greenies. It is wonderful to read about other people doing this as it makes what we want to do seem achieveable!

  8. Marion,
    I would love to see your site! I am happy that you are enjoying the agrarian blogs...we have a great group here.
    I learn so much from the others. It is achieveable!

  9. So is there a group of you? That is fantastic. Community in action. My blog is
    I would love you to have a look.

  10. Marion,

    You were right -our blogs are SO similar!

    On the financial thing - I think all the different choices are there because God calls people to different walks and sometimes the same people to different walks at different times. The trick is to find out where God wants you now...the wise servants, the discipes, etc.

    Great financial book - I threw all my others away when I bought this - by a Christian named Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace. He made money the world's way and became a millionaire and lost it all - then started over following the principles in the Bible - it is a budget based book - not a get rich book....Biblically sound.

    I didn't mean to confuse you about the group of agrarians - I meant the group blogging online. In my area, I only know one other Christian agrarian family.

    So glad to meet you.


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