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This may be the most important post you will ever read...and I didn't write it. Please follow all the links and read what the government has in store for your future! Do you want to be able to buy food without involving the government? Do you want to be able to raise food without government fees, taxes, spying, bureaucratic interference? Do you want the GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL YOUR FOOD? Do you want your food prices to escalate?

Everyone reading this needs to forward this information to everyone you know....make calls, write letters...once this passes....it very well may be the end of ALL small family farms.

And friends, believe it or not...after all the animals are chipped.....PEOPLE WILL BE NEXT....COUNT ON IT!

The Mark of the Beasts Is Almost Here! (No, This Is Not a Spoof.)

Gary North

The United States Department of Agriculture is taking steps to set up a compulsory animal-tagging program. Every animal produced for commercial purpose on every American farm or ranch will have to be tagged with a computer chip. The chip will emit a radio signal. The Department of Agriculture will then be able to monitor the location of every beast.

Here is the official statement:

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a national program intended to identify specific animals in the United States and record their movement over their lifespans. It is being developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and State agencies -- in cooperation with industry -- to enable 48-hour traceback of the movements of any diseased or exposed animal. This will help to ensure rapid disease containment and maximum protection of America's animals.


This is being done in the name of animal health.

If any rancher thinks the IRS will not have access to this data base, he is terminally naive.

This has been in the works for over a year. It has received little attention.

If farmers do not organize immediately, this is a done deal. If Congress ignores it, this is a done deal.

The government will soon know where the entire U.S. food supply is. The government is already using space-based satellites to measure the crops of any farm in the country.

I hope the farm bloc is not asleep at the wheel on this one. I also hope this brief report of mine gets forewarded to every farmer in the country.


Benjamin Franklin


  1. Stopanimalid.org is another good site to go to for information.

  2. Today I went to the University of Tennessee Extension office for a session on the new Animal ID. The state has collected taxes from me and my neighbors to pay for this. They are also offering to pay up to $1725 to help anyone buy a "better" bull and build cattle handling facilities on their own farm.

    Of course, I think all this is tyrrany.

    Additionally, the certified BQA (beef quality assurance) teacher assured me that the federal law has already been passed which requires all livestock raised for commercial sale to be tagged.

    However, I should make some statements on the tags and GPS. On one of the forms the farmer is asked to provide the address of the cattle. Since cattle are often grazed at a place where there is no address, there is an area to put the GPS cordinates of the farm instead. This is how they know where to come if mad-cow is found in an animal that came from your farm. We are told that this will prevent mass quarantine as happened in the UK.

    Technology is NOT available for GPS satellites to track any tags on animals. This would require batteries and transmitters in an eartag. I have seen the ID tags being used. They must be read by a hand-held scanner within a few inches of the tag.

    GPS satellites recieve no information. They only send a signal. I have used a hand-held GPS reciever before. Reception is nil in poor weather and under trees. To transmit from a source so small with no dish and low power is impossible with current technology, and certainly not at a price that can be afforded on the ear of the lowly bovine.

    I think a great deal of good things about Gary North, especially in regard to the books he has published on www.freebooks.com but he has his facts confused on this issue.

    I will correspond with him on this matter.

  3. You know, for small farmers or homesteaders/permaculturalists I think such an idea is ridiculous and tyranny.

    However, for large-scale commercial producers it may not be a bad idea. It's still probably unconstitutional, though.

    I've been reading some stuff on this tonight. It's not the first I've heard of it, but it's the first time I decided to look into it. Lots of people have said stuff about it being disastrous for small farms or hobbyists. I was wondering how so? I mean, we stick the chips in our livestock, keep then disease free, and we don't get bothered too much. Right? Or am I missing something?

    Not that I like the sound of it any more than anyone else, mind you.

    Another thing. They want to put these chips in every single chicken, cow, and pig? Wow. That's gotta run into serious money...


  4. Heather, thanks this site had great information.

    James and Clint, here are negative ramifications for us small farmers...first off this program will not be voluntary,,,,next, we have to pay for it and knowing the government this will NOT be inexpensive.


    THE OWNER MUST REPORT,within 24 hours,every sale or purchase of an animal,every death
    or slaughter,every missing animal,every placement or loss of an ID tag,and every time an animal
    leaves or returns to the owner's property.

    So...effectively, if I want to go out and butcher a chicken for dinner I have to call Uncle Sam and let him know I did that....within 24 hours Now..think like the government...somehow that will be profit...you used it for your own food didn't you....I am sure taxes will follow. What if I want to take my horse for a trail ride for a couple of days - oops! Gotta call Uncle Sam and let him know....

    The problem...another loss of liberty, the eroding of our freedoms to live our lives independent of government interference and taxation.

    Every citizen in this country needs to rise up against this unconstitutional legislation. Can you imagine telling George Washington, Patrick Henry or the others that they will have to let the government know if they decide to have a chicken for dinner or take a ride on their horse to their neighbors house?

    Visit www.stopanimalid.org!

  5. Beyond the invasion of privacy and hassle, one must acknowledge that there is a very real and active movement sweeping the nation to purchase beef and poultry from farmers direct. People are feed up with the hormones and poor quality food. Small farmers are now making a living selling direct. Joel Salatin suggests one person can make 20,000 net on 20 acres. He has been effective in instructing others on how to do this. Grass based beef is equally profitable for the small farmer.

    The chips in each animal require the owner to share the final destination of the animal. Meaning if you butcher beef and sell a side the name of the farmer and the customer must be reported to the governement. Chickens are also to be tagged. Same thing. Government and big ag now have a method for monitoring direct sales off the farm. It is not surprising to me that big ag is behind all this. Some people in various states are already getting harassed by Dept of Ag for selling direct. They have been shut down just because the are finding loopholes in the current laws and making a living off their enterprise. People are witnessing how much sickness has come from eating corporate ag products. Consumers are willing to pay higher than normal prices for good beef and chicken. They are willing to travel and do great overtures to purchase as well. This is a real threat to the industry. One way to shut the small guy down is to monitor and start making life miserable in the name of safety. Tom's post on butcher shop talk shows how the grass based farm fresh beef program is going to suffer. We can't have meat hung for 2-3 weeks. It has to be chemically bathed. It has to be mechanically tenderized destroying the meat on a cellular level. What makes farm fresh beef good is the absense of chemicals, the natural tenderizing etc. This is a clear underhanded attempt to snuff out the competition.

  6. Oh, I eat locally grown and procedded beef already. One day, Lord willing, I will eat my own animals that have never left my farm.

    The current Animal ID tags cost $2 per head. At special sales, lots of these ID animals sell for a small premium. But when everyone has ID animals the premiums will dissolve and it will only be an added expense.

    I know nothing of implanted chips. The current ID tags have been working without chips or any kind of implants.

    ID tags in themselves are a fine idea. But they should be voluntary and tracked by independant firms rathen than the civil government. Its like growning organic. It should be voluntary and not certified by the government.

  7. Think of the USDA as the Borg - you will be assimilated. They will get 100% compliance by destroying and imprisoning the resisters. Out of fear many farmers and homesteaders will register. People need education and they need to know that other people are not registering, that the government is not all knowing and all powerful. Together we can fight this.



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