Friday, February 10, 2006

Puppies Coming Soon!!!

First of all, I want to thank one of my readers named Kelly. After I posted about the trouble I was having moving files from my old computer to my new computer, Kelly wrote to me offering help. Kelly made several suggestions, which I followed, and from that time on the job was effortless! What would have taken me weeks was done in a matter of days. Thank you again Kelly!! Now more exciting news...we are waiting for puppies to arrive...we are thinking sometime in the next 24 hours. One of our beautiful Great Pyrennes is due at any time. We have seen kittens, cows and goats birthed here on the farm...puppies will be a new adventure. Our other Pyrennes also appears to be pregnant but not nearly as far along as Snowball. I checked on Snowball last week - she looked mildly pregnant...not to worry I thought! Today they are predicting a heavy snowfall here...well at least for this area... about a foot (quit laughing Tom!). So, I checked on Snowball - wow! what a change! She appeared to be nesting and her tummy was "tighter than a tick"! I called the vet and they suggested I take her temperature..."when it falls below 100 she has about 24 hours" they told me. That would have been good to know last week! So, we took her temp....less than a 100! But WHEN did it fall below 100? Are we due in 2 ours, 12 hours or 24 hours? How accurate is the 24 hour thingy? So...late this afternoon found me clipping her belly so the puppies could eat (Pyrennes have very thick fur), clipping the long hair from her legs and vet-wrapping her tail to keep it from getting completely messy during birth (a trick I read about some time ago...I'll let you know if it works). She is now in a huge cage in our living room. We have a strange old home - 4 great roomy bedrooms but the living room, dining room and kitchen are one room - and not very big at that. Snowball's cage takes up a great amount of space...but it is not the first time we have had an animal inside....dogs, cats, baby goats, wild bunnies, chickens, chicks, wild birds...and so on (I am drawing the line at one of our milk cows!). But, this cage makes it difficult to get around...I am glad it will be of short duration. So, tonight we wait...for the lovely snowfall we hope will come and for could be a LONG night :)


  1. it is not the first time we have had an animal inside....dogs, cats, baby goats, wild bunnies, chickens, chicks, wild birds...and so on

    My father-in-law was known to take the family horse inside for visits, at a time when their house was a total of, perhaps 400 - 500 sq. ft total upstairs and down, and the front door only about 5'6" high.

  2. JFC...I can't believe a horse!!! I hope it was a short visit and he ate outdoors! Wonder how your mother-in-law felt about it :)

  3. Can't be any worse than having a snowblower in our house to warm it up so it would start after our 2 day blizzard this week! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the birth of your puppies!


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