Monday, February 20, 2006

Sharing a little Plain Talk...

Just a couple of weeks ago we had a visitor to the farm. Rick Saenz and his son Chris came and spent the afternoon with us. It was such an enjoyable a visit from old friends. Chris impressed me so much with his gentle and quiet spirit. As I watched him interact with my youngest boy in such a caring and gentle fashion, he won my heart completely - Debbie and Rick have done a wonderful job raising this young man! We shared a meal together (Rick, Chris, my Mom, 3 of my boys and myself!) and then took a quick farm tour. Of course, at this time of year there isn't much to see! Farms are so much more fun during the growing season! Rick met Nora the Perfect Cow, toured our little dairy area, met the goats and their Pyrs and got a view of our garden areas before we headed back into the house. Then commenced the interview for Rick's Plain Talk series. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember much of what we talked didn't seem like an interview at all! It was just a good conversation between friends...sharing....laughing... and enjoying the afternoon...all that was missing was the pickle barrel! My kids (and I) enjoyed seeing Rick's traveling studio and since I am a scrapbooking Mom, one of my boys took lots of pictures! All in all it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Plus, Rick brought some great goodies to leave with us! As a new listener to Bluegrass music, I was much blessed to receive his own Ridgeway Boys cd and one by the Kruger Brothers along with a wonderful book! What a treat! My youngest was so impressed with Chris and his banjo playing that he created his own banjo - from a 4 ft. Cuissenare Rod Train track and some paper plates! (A quiet banjo :) It was all over way to quickly and they were off to another farm for another interview. I am looking forward to hearing the final version...the one where Rick edits the phone ringing, dog barking, kids talking etc.!I have also been listening to the first set of the Plain Talk Series and have greatly enjoyed hearing those people whose blogs I have read for some time now. It has also become a homeschooling assignment to listen during breakfast each morning after chores...we will do this until we have gone through the entire series. There is so much to learn on so many subjects and I haven't even finished them yet. Oh, how I wish I had them 7 years ago when we started this journey - there are so many mistakes we could have avoided and so many things we wouldn't have had to learn the hard way! I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about the agrarian lifestyle....and if you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide...I think this series will help you over the fence in one direction or the other! You can get them from Cumberland Books...I know I am glad I did! We are still on puppy duty here and the boys and I are having a ball! We have to lure Freckles outside for bathroom breaks and to tidy the whelping box. She is very possessive so give her a few days and then I will try to furtively grab and post some puppy pictures. Night all!


  1. Hi Cheri....thanks for posting about Rick's visit. I'm looking forward to hearing those Plain Talk CD's as will be so neat to hear yours and the others voices behind the blogs I've been reading for several months. As soon as the Lord makes the funds available I'll be sure to place an order for them. P.S. Glad to hear mom and pups are doing well! Did Josiah pick out his favorite yet?

  2. Cheri, thanks for sharing the info on Richter's. I just went to their website and ordered a catalog!

  3. Glad you found it will love their catalog!

  4. We'll be looking forward to hearing yours Cheri. So far Brooke and I have listened to Tom Scepaniak and John Mesko. I think Christina’s next on the list.

    Rick certainly brought a great idea to production with the plain talk series.

    We are looking forward to our puppy soon! Just about the time the chickens are out of the house and in to the coop in will come the puppy ~ Lord willing.

  5. Scott,
    I hope you enjoy it - we had a lot of fun doing it and covered a lot of ground! I certainly have been enjoying all the others.

    Puppies have been in the house for over a week now and I must admit that I am anxious for them to get big enough, and the weather to get warm enough, for them to move outside! And they can't even get out of the whelping box another week or two I will really be driven to distraction!


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