Monday, March 20, 2006

Strange goings on!

We had the strangest weather today. Especially after yesterday...which was warm and sunny. I woke up to an overcast sky and chilly weather. The house was cold.... I have had the heat off for about three weeks because we haven't had need. It began to hail, small enough I didn't need to worry about the onions, carrots and peas in the garden. Then it began to snow. I have never seen snow like this - the flakes were the size of golf balls - I went out and could feel them hitting my head - each one was about a tablespoon of snow....if the ground had been warmer we would have had 8 or 10 inches. It was beautiful but we are ready for warm weather here. Mainly because I am ready for the puppies to head out to the barn! This morning the puppies had their first meal that didn't come from Mom! WHAT A MESS! Reminded me of what it was like to feed a 16 month old spaghetti! The book said, take Mom out for a walk and let the puppies eat, we did. It prepared us that the puppies would walk through the food, they did. It said to offer water, we did. It said they would walk through that too, they did. It said to bring Mom back in when they were done eating and Mom would clean them all up....THEY LIED! Mom wasn't a bit interested! In fact, she looked at us very accusingly and went to take a nap. The message was made that mess, you clean it up, wake me when it is over! Take a look! Could you ever imagine that warm raw milk mixed with puppy food and run through a food processor could produce this....remember....this is all taking place IN MY LIVING ROOM! I was ready to take the whole kit and kaboodle to the barn...but the snow and the temperature held me back! We have to do this twice a day for the next week. The week after that we have to soak but not pulverize the food. Then they are on plain old puppy food after that. Josiah took to them with a warm, wet, rag and they looked much better. He took this picture.... it is hard to believe that they are only 4 weeks old and will be leaving in just a few more weeks. I am praying that we can find good homes for them. Obviously we need to raise the sides on the whelping box once again. You are looking at, left to right, Face (because she is so pretty and has markings on her rear that look like a face), Goatee (again with the markings around his tail) Squirt-tail (the runt of the litter) and Boris De Ganis (named after Bors De Ganis...Jeremy is really into the Middle Ages). Obviously these are just temporary names...well, all except Boris if Jeremy decides to keep him. I am hoping the sun shines again tomorrow so I can hit the greenhouse again....I think it is a day to plant "leaf" plants according to the moon. I so enjoy it down there when the sun is shining! Perhaps tomorrow won't be quite so strange!

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