Wednesday, March 15, 2006


After 6 weeks of work...(and they said it would only take a few hours!)I am so excited to tell ya'll that we have a website for our farm. You will notice the first link to the can click on that or you can follow this link to visit our farm! Although we suffered greatly during the last 6 weeks...we ate store bought bread, lived in a less than spotless house, ate quick and easy meals, quit making cheese and just about everything else not "necessary" to daily life...we feel it was worth the effort. Well, honestly...I feel it was worth it but I am not sure my boys would agree. They missed all of the homemade treats that usually emanate from my kitchen! A lot of my work load fell on Jeremy's shoulders (15 years old) and he has handled it wonderfully, not complaining and even offering to do more so that I could get back to the computer....I think he needs a special day out with Mom very soon. Thank you would never have happened without your help! When I travel our region and speak on medicinal herbs, the first question usually asked at the end of my talk is "do you have a website?". I am excited that I can finally answer yes to that question. This will make it easier for customers to re-order their favorite products! I also plan to put up a FAQ page that will answer some of those questions that I get asked every time I speak. We have lots of pictures of my soaps, my salves, my teas and my calendar...also the good my boys and our garden :) We will put up a page for pictures in the next week or keep you up to date on the puppies, other babies born here on our farm and anything else that strikes my fancy! I am also working on getting my Medicinal Herb Class into an ebook that can be downloaded from our site! I have a few other goodies on the burner thanks to some wonderful suggestions by Herrick Kimball and my dear friend Julie. I will be sure to let you know about them here when they are ready! I would love to hear some feedback from ya'll - there is a form on the site for that if you can spend a moment and drop me a line! I have also heard from several of you who have purchased and listened to the Plain Talk interview that I did with Rick Saenz and I want to thank you all for the kind words and encouragement - it means a great deal to me! Bless you all!


  1. Your link didnt work :( It said page not found.

  2. The website looks great! The puppies are so cute, btw. The last batch of coon dog pups we had, yeilded 16 pups. Its always fun to watch a big pile of squirmin' pups.

  3. Anonymous,
    Thanks for letting me know...I think I have it fixed!

    Thanks for the encouraging words!!
    16 they always have such large litters?! I can't even imagine!

  4. Awesome site! I like it a lot. Your garden looks perfect.

    This is off-topic, but do you have wolfberry among the herbs you grow? If so, any growing tips?

  5. Hi James,

    Thanks for the encouraging words! I am not growing wolfberry, I looked it up because it didn't ring a bell, and I will definitely add it to my list this year...sounds very interesting! Thanks!

  6. Hi Cheri,

    I spent some time at the new Sweet Hollow Farm web site this afternoon. I read the whole thing. And while I was enjoying myself there, I could hear you talking downstairs (Marlene was listening to your Plain Talk interview). You have done a VERY good job with the site.

    The pictures are pleasant (I love the shot of your garden on the home page). The text is friendly, easy to read, and informative. Best of all, your products are pure, wholesome and GOOD!

    When I say GOOD I am thinking of your tea blends in particular. Our family has been enjoying them for the past several weeks.

    And the bar of soap with the rosemary was sudsy & fragrant... a real delight!

    God bless your new agri-internet enterprise!

  7. Herrick,
    I am so glad you are enjoying the soap and teas. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  8. You've done a fantastic job on the website. It's easy to maneuver around, lots of great photos and I love the information you provide. Makes me want to order some of your lovely things...which I will when I'm off my restriction of online purchases during Lent!! ;-)

    Congrats on a job well done!

  9. HH,
    Thanks so much! Have a wonderful Resurrection Season!

  10. Wow, Cheri, you have done a FANTASTIC job! Not just the website, but with everything! I've been devouring every word and picture on your new website. Not only have you inspired me, but I am going to place some orders with you as soon as it is okay with my husband. In the future I plan on making soap, herbal extracts, teas, etc., but in the meantime, I would much rather purchase necessary products from a fellow agrarian than the local natural marketplace! God bless you!

  11. Thanks Emily! Keep watching the site...I will be posting some FAQs, my medicinal herb class in an online format, and some other products (my all natural lip balm and another salve that I had sold out of but am working on right now! And some new soaps as the creative urge hits now and then :)

  12. Cheri,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your website! It looks fabulous! I look forward to exploring more there as I have time! It makes me want to get ours up and running! We were really hoping to have it ready by Mother's Day. Maybe we still can!

  13. Hi Leah!
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit - have been thinking of you and praying for you and that little one you are carrying!


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