Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What a day!

This has been an exhausting but productive day!! Many of you write and ask what a typical day is for me. I thought I'd tell you about today.... This morning I got up about 6:00 - spent time in the Word and headed downstairs to check email. There were several orders from the website (thank you all!) so I filled those and got them ready for the post office. 7:00 am time to wake the kids. While the boys are getting dressed and having breakfast, I finish up with paperwork. School starts at 8:00 for Elijah and I and the other boys usually hit the books by 9:00 - after morning chores and milking are finished. After Bible, reading, writing and math with Elijah, it is time to feed puppies (just what I need...two MORE meals to cook a day!). So, I warm the milk, soak the food, run it through the food processor and fill 6 little bowls. Today it was finally sunny again so we decided to feed outside on the driveway...aren't they cute! I pray for many more sunny days! It was so much easier than feeding inside. Then it is time to clean up - this stuff turns to CEMENT if it sits on the bowls for any length of time! While I am cleaning up the mess and loading the dishwasher the boys are setting up the kennel in the side yard so they can spend the day out in the sunshine.

They loved it. They investigated the grass, leaves and dirt, sniffed, played, chewed each other, nursed and slept....then they started all over again. The chickens came to check them out but Momma would not let them get near the pen.

Apparently she thought we had lost our minds bringing them out into the yard. It worried her to death. She whined and counted noses all day.

To be honest...she still isn't acting right :)

Ok, pups are out and it is time to make soap.

I made a batch of my Peppermint Tea Tree. This is one of my favorite soaps. It smells wonderful and is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal....I should have named it the Anti Soap!

Got the soap mess cleaned up and the dishwasher going again. The boys got their own lunch today while I headed to the greenhouse. Mom joined me down there. She is a tremendous help to me - she fills trays, makes tags and whatever else helps me...I couldn't do it without her.

We worked for most of the afternoon - planting herbs and heirloom tomatoes. I will be providing not only our own garden plants but also plants for two other gardens - the U-Turn for Christ Men's Ranch and Women's Ranch, along with orders from customers. The men come quite frequently throughout the summer and help us complete big projects (and sometimes not so big). They are wonderful ministries that help men and women get free from drugs and alcohol.

We lost track of time in the greenhouse (I need to put a clock down there but am is the only place that doesn't have one and I kind of like it that way!) and by the time we got back to the house it was 4:30! Time to feed puppies again - heat milk, soak, pulverize, feed! After feeding puppies, the boys take off to do evening chores and milk the cow.

Then time for another batch of soap - this time it was Lavender! YUMMY! Just chopping the lavender blossoms smells good - but once I open the essential oil....well, my whole downstairs smells delightful!.

By this time it is 6:00. My oldest son is taking my 15 year old to church, I am on puppy duty. My Mom takes the two youngest to her house (across the driveway here on our farm) and feeds them dinner and lets them watch a video which gives me time to clean up the puppy mess and the soap mess again (thanks Mom that was a tremendous blessing!!). I was able to throw a couple of loads of laundry (puppy mess again) into the wash during clean up. This was such a blessing for me....not having to cook a people meal! It gave me an additional 2 hours to get the kitchen in order and everything washed for tomorrow....the puppy meals and soapmaking will continue in the morning.

The boys are back by 8:00 to do their inside chores and head for bed and I am taking a quick moment to post then time to fold a couple of basket of puppy towels.

I hope to make it upstairs by 10....9 is better but tonight it will definitely be 10 or later.

I'm tired but it feels good to look back and see what all we accomplished today. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy again so that means puppies will be inside all is also my day to go to town...not a chore I enjoy but something that must be done!

I think I will have a cup of tea and go find those stairs :)

Night All!


  1. You are productive! What a full day! Isn't it wonderful to end the day and tally up all that's been done!! :-)

    Two batches of soap in one day!! Now that's something I'm envious of!

    How wonderful to have your mother so close! Just like it should be!

  2. Wow! Is everyday that full? I would love to reach a point where I'm that productive even a few days a week! Actually, I do fairly well--when I have a plan (a flexible plan, of course). Without a plan, forget it; my day is largely wasted, it seems, and I end up simply doing what has to be done and little else.

    Your day inspires me to plan better!

    Mary Susan

  3. HH,
    I love having my Mom across the driveway!

    Mary Susan,
    Every day is that full although the duties change - I try to take Friday afternoons for myself for scrapbooking - it helps me to destress - but I often don't make it...I am determined today though!

  4. My goodness, Cheri, I'm exhausted just reading what you've accomplished! Do you have a secret formula for extra energy? :)

  5. Emily,
    I do drink my Bright Morning tea for a little energy boost in the afternoon. I enjoy putting my hand to things and I am a really organized person so that helps too :)


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