Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thanks for following me to my new home! As you can see it looks a little different. Be patient with me, I am still "unpacking" and learning my way around my new place.

You can see my spring garden at the top of my page. In the side bar on the right there is a search feature to help you find information faster. I am also working on categorizing my past posts so that you can look up your particular interest.

I get so many questions on where to purchase the things I write about that I have included a category of "Where I Shop". I will only place businesses there that I know are reliable and that I have done business with myself.

You will also see a section entitled "My Bookshelf". This is where I will list books that I recommend. This will be getting much longer over the next few weeks.

You will also see my archives and links listed as they were at the old location.

Pull up a box and share a cup of tea with me as I finish unpacking.

So glad you came!

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