Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas Crafts

Each year we dedicate a week in December to Christmas crafts and baking.  This is a time for the boys to express themselves in a variety of ways, create handcrafted presents for family and friends and learn new cooking skills.  They look forward to this busy week. They have put their hands to drawing, woodworking, beading, sculpey creations and more in past years!  This gives them a chance to explore new forms of art and find out what hidden talents God may have blessed them with.

All year long we save (recycle!) things to use during that week.  We have a small game/craft closet that we keep our treasures in.  I thought I would share a few things we made last year - perhaps some of you might be interested in trying these with your children this Christmas.

The first thing we made last year was a Christmas Angel.  She can be made two ways.  With a gold halo which doubles as a hanger for the Christmas tree or as  you see here - with feet so she can stand on her own!  Have you guessed what she is made from?  A recycled light bulb! 

First you spray paint the light bulb - we used ivory. (please do this outside so you don't breathe the fumes!)  Once dry, you could spray again with a glitter, we have used gold.  Use a wooden heart, painted gold, for her feet.  You can find these at any craft store.  A pretty bow glued to her front, add some eyes and a mouth and some doll hair (hot glued in place!).  The last thing we did was to make a bow out of sheer ribbon for her wings.  Isn't she cute?  Some of my boys have wondered if we could make an entire nativity scene out of recycled light bulbs....perhaps if we were more gifted in free hand painting!

This next little guy was my favorite!  We used an old light bulb once again to make a snowman!  This time we spray painted the bulb ivory (you could use white) and let it dry.  We then painted it with clear paint mixed with gold glitter.  We painted the part of the bulb that you screw into the socket black (think stocking cap!)  Add black feet (the heart again!) a scarf around his neck, his eyes, mouth, heart and a "carrot" nose...isn't he adorable!

I encourage you Moms and Dads to spend some "creative" time with your children this holiday season - whether it is simply "crayon time" or you begin to try more intricate things...what you are really doing is creating memories with your children and knitting heartstrings together.  I know that it is hard to eek this time out during the holidays but these are times that your little ones (and not so little ones) will never forget!

I will continue to share with ya'll some of our favorite Christmas memory makers as the season unfolds!

Tomorrow I will share more tips about soapmaking and announce my first ever contest!!


  1. I love the snowman! That is adorable.
    I so enjoy your blog.

  2. Thanks Kathy -I'm so pleased that you are enjoying my blog!


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