Friday, December 1, 2006

Gift baskets!

I have been working hard this week to get pictures up on my website of the gift baskets I sell.  Last year my good friend Julie encouraged me to put some of my all natural products together in gift baskets.  I thought this was a wonderful idea and wanted to create some baskets that were affordable for most people. It seems like so many sites that sell gift baskets are out of my reach financially... how frustrating!  I wanted to create baskets that were pretty, filled with healthy, natural products and were affordable!  With Julie's artistic eye and some coaching, I was able to accomplish this - thanks Julie!

I spoke at a large festival early this year and presented my gift baskets for the  first time....I was thrilled at the response!  I was also surprised.  My most inexpensive

gift, Garden in a Cup is only $10.  I was sure I would sell out of those quickly. Although it did sell very well, I did not sell out.  

The De-Stress baskets sold the quickest.  It is apparent that most of us are either living with stress or know someone who is stressed.  I wonder how much of that is because the American lifestyle seems to consist of always being on the go - to busy to relax and enjoy God's blessings!  I hope this basket will help people cope with the stress in their lives.

My most expensive basket, the Luxury Spa Basket sold out within the first few hours!  This really surprised me. One customer purchased two - one for each of her sisters.....she then came back about an hour later and decided to get one for herself...she told me it had been a rough week and she was going to pamper herselfSmile

You will find other baskets on my website here. I will also create custom baskets - these are the most fun!  This started when a customer wanted to change the contents of a wrapped basket at the festival.  When you have a long line of customers waiting, it is not the best time to be creating something new but we did our best to meet her need and she was thrilled.  This then led to customers asking if we could customize baskets if they ordered in advance.  I must confess that this is one of my favorite things to do!  I guess it helps to serve as a creative outlet for me!  It blesses me to create something that I know will bless someone else!

And then for those who just can't seem to make up their mind....I created Gift Certificates!  These can be emailed to you for those last minute (oops! I forgot!) gifts or sent by snail mail either to you or to the recipient of the gift. Although I have listed three denominations of Gift Certificates, I would be happy to make one in whatever amount you choose...just email me to let me know.

I want to thank all of my readers who are so faithful to visit my blog and who make such delightful customers.  Your loyalty helps to keep the farmstead going for myself and my boys.  I have developed some personal friendships along the way and for these I am most grateful.  I appreciate your comments and encouragement to continue writing.  It seems that when I begin to wonder if it is worth the time invested to share of our lives, I receive an email telling me how someone was encouraged or was able to take something I wrote about and apply it to their lives....I can not put into words how much this blesses me!

It is not always easy to lay bare our faults and failures and I appreciate those of you who have shared how you pray for my family - this I appreciate most of all!



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