Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just have a minute!

Well, our snicky snack night was a great success - I'll post pictures in a day or so.  Just wanted to check in to remind you that there is still time to suggest names for my new soaps and perhaps win some free soap!  You can read more about it here.

I have also been cleaning out some of my books which include gardening, crafts, poultry care, cookbooks, herbs, natural healing and more....some were mine and some my Mom owned.  I put them on half. com and you can find them here. When I put up new herb or gardening books, I'll make mention of it here in my blog.

I have been busy chasing cows, I mean taking early morning walks with Josiah - very BRISK walks!  I'll write more about that next week also. I have also been making salves and lip balms - something I really enjoy doing!

I hope you have all been enjoying family time and making great memories - I plan on doing so for just a few more days. I have enjoyed this time with my boys playing games and snuggling up for reading or a movie and doing things with Grandma (who just turned 80!...whoo hoo MOM!!!).

Have a safe New Year celebration and I pray that God will bless each one of you in the coming year!


  1. Happy New Year, Cheri! May the coming year be filled with the Lord's blessings for you and your dear ones. We've spent a week sharing lots of cherished time with our close family members and making lots of memories, too. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  2. Happy New Year Emily! So glad you enjoyed the holidays with family!

  3. If you could only have one book on medicinal herbs, which one would you recommend? The one on your sidebar, The Complete Medicinal Herbal?

  4. Hi Jeff,
    If I could only have one...horrific thought....but I would probably pick Prescription for Herbal Healing by the Balch's. It would be hard to limit it to one author because no one gets it all right. But this is one of my favorite books - also their Prescription for Nutritional Healing!

  5. Thanks, Cheri. I guess limiting you to one was not fair. So let me try again. For a well equipped agrarian homestead, which 5 books on herbs would you recommend with Balch's being at the top of the list?



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