Friday, January 5, 2007

And the winners are.....

I want to thank everyone who submitted names - it was a great contest - my boys and I had a lot of fun!   You all made it hard to come to a decision!  We read them over and over, we even printed out labels for the names we liked the best to see how they looked on the bars of soap.  We consulted with Grandma and finally we came to a decision!


The first winner is Emily who submitted lots of wonderful names for both soaps!  Emily suggested Coffee Bean for my new soap made with Kahlua and coffee!

Thanks Emily for a great submission!  I'll be sending you a bar of Coffee Bean Soap and one other soap of your choice! Be sure to email me and let me know which soap you would like :)  You can see them all here!

This soap is sure to satisfy the sniffers of coffee lovers everywhere. I don't drink coffee myself but I do love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans...and I certainly like the smell of this soap! 

But this soap is not just for coffee is a "must have" for those who love to cook.  Coffee has the ability to remove odors from your hands - so when you are finished working with fish, garlic or other smelly foods - wash with "Coffee Bean" to remove those lingering odors!

Now for our second winner - this choice was really hard - we had more suggestions for my new chocolate and peppermint soap than we did for Coffee Bar!  There were so many good ones that I wish I had more chocolate and mint varieties of soap. Surprised


 But since that isn't practical, we had to pick a name....and the winner is......Emily....again!  We absolutely LOVED Emily's suggestion of Chocolate Ice!  It was perfect....

THANKS EMILY! So....Emily will receive a bar of Chocolate Ice and one other bar of her choice - just drop me a line Emily and let me know!

As soon as I have some pictures of the new varieties coming out, I will hold another contest. 

Both of these soaps are now available on my website.

Thanks again to all those who participated!

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