Wednesday, February 7, 2007


This little test absolutely blew my mind!  Follow the directions completely - don't cheat and you will be amazed at how easily your mind can be tricked and deceived!

Please let me know how you did! 


  1. I guessed about 13-15 passes and I didn't see the gorilla at all! :P I was totally focused on white, so a black gorilla? Didn't register. :)

  2. Me too Leah! Amazing how easily our minds can be fooled - my youngest boy didn't see him but my two other boys did....!

  3. I got it right, but the message you get when you do is that you were lying. Oh well.

  4. Brenda,
    That is weird! Don't think my son got that but will have to ask him! I never saw a thing!

  5. Well, the wording was actually something along the lines of "I don't think I believe you but maybe you are that observant", but that, to me, just sounds like a polite way of saying "I think you're lying". It was fun to do though, thanks for sharing it. :)


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