Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Come to see me in Bristol TN/VA!

Just a quick note to my local readers...I will be speaking at the Food & Nutrition Fair in Bristol TN at the Slater Communty Center on March 3, 2007. This fair is being conducted in conjunction with the celebration of March as National Nutrition Month and is part of the Integrated Health Concepts Holistic Medical Clinic's 2007 program of Seminars in Holistic Living. They will be featuring organic growers and producers from our region as well as free nutritional handouts, a free nutritional meal book and nutritional games for kids and adults, food sampling and lectures on healthy living. There will even be a "Cooking with Essential Oils" class that I hope to be able to attend myself! Cost of admittance will be one non -perishable organic food item which will be donated to the local food pantry.

The title of my lecture will be How to Use Herbs On Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle and What You Need to Avoid to Get There! I will be speaking at noon. Just think of it as a blog in person! I would love to meet some of my readers, so.... if you attend, please introduce yourself to me!

Also, as a note of caution, please be aware that I have never met the other speakers nor am I familiar with them.... therefor I can not speak to, nor endorse, their particular teachings or beliefs....since I don't know what they are! So...please....use your own discernment!

If any of you would like to place an order with me and pick it up there (and save on those shipping costs!), please email me and let me know. I would be glad to bring it with me. I will also have the products that are listed on my website, Sweet Hollow Farm , available at my table. And perhaps a few new things that haven't made it onto the website yet!

I really look forward to meeting some of you....and perhaps seeing some familiar faces!


  1. Oh, Cheri, I'd love to come see you in Bristol, but that's still 4+ hours away. Maybe we'll make it, though. I've not consulted the husband or the calendar, yet!

    Regarding some of your previous posts, thank you for the cookware posts, as well as the microwave post.

    In one of the posts, you mentioned getting rid of household chemicals. Funny you should mention that, because I was going to ask you what you use. I've recently re-discovered water; amazing what a damp cloth, followed by a dry one (very quick, too!) will do! Of course, that's not "disinfecting," and won't conquer everything, but I've been surprised what it will handle. And so I was wondering what you use.

    I've also been investigating toothpaste a bit. Seems most recipes call for soda, but then I read warnings about using soda for very long. And a friend who'd recently been using it for about 6 months said that her teeth have gotten sensitive--a problem she's never had before. You mentioned toothpaste, and included a link to your website, but the link didn't work, and I didn't find toothpaste when I checked your site.

    Thanks again for the posts; they reinforce much of what I've read (and much of what I've simply suspected but didn't want to find out! I know: ostrich syndrome.)

    (Sorry about the long comment!)

  2. Mary Susan,
    That would be a LONG drive for a short lecture!
    I'd love to see you though - guess you just need to come visit the farm :) I'll try to post some cleaning recipes soon. I make most of my own. I use a toothpaste by Jason - I don't sell it - you can find it in health food stores. It is called Sea Fresh All Natural Sea-sourced Toothpaste. I buy the NON-FLUORIDE one. It tastes great, has no SLS and lists all of the ingredients and explains what they are and why they are there. We have been using it for years.
    Hey, love long comments...it means someone is listening....which I wonder about at times :)
    PS I'll check the link!


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