Saturday, February 24, 2007

I love my customers.....and my readers!

I love my customers and my readers.  I really think that ya'll teach me more than I teach you.  I often times get emails from people who tell me how they have used one of my salves .....and they have used it in a way that I never considered or had opportunity to myself.  I am thankful that so far the emails have all been encouraging and positive!

I just had to chuckle at a recent email.  One of my cusomers wrote to ask about the safety of using my healing salve on farm animals:

Well, this may turn into a testimonial for your healing salve.

This morning a pack of 6 dogs (neighbor's???) decided to visit.  Our dog was watchful, barking but not aggressive until they went for our chickens.  He sprang into action, chased the chickens towards their coop and took off after the intruders.  Unfortunately, my son's favorite rooster was their target.  After a search,  the kids found "Chipmunk" limping along and completely bald of ALL his tail feathers.

After a while they were able to catch him and sent inside for a "spoonful of healing salve, please!"  Apparently, he was a bit bloody and sore, but will recover and the kids put the salve on to heal him quicker.  Until he's better, he'll be living in the chick brooder building by himself so the others don't pick at him.So, have you ever used your salve on chickens??  Please tell me it won't hurt Chipmunk - my son has had a hard enough time today already. :)Just thought you might like to know how your salve is being used around here!  Ha!!  First diaper rash, now the back-side of roosters!  You just never know.......   :)

I was happy to report that my healing salve has been safely and effectively used on this farm on wild birds, chickens, roosters, wild bunnies, cats, dogs, and goats along with a boat load of kids and my 80 year old Chipmunk will be fine....once he gets over the embarassment of being de-plumed!

Keep those emails coming...I love the testimonials about my various healing salves plus I get the added benefit of learning many new ways to use them successfully!

Stay tuned for some exciting news about  my Aches Away Salve. ...back in the tube applicator...but even better!

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