Monday, February 12, 2007

My readers are SO smart!

First of all the answer to the puzzle was "Pam" non-stick cooking spray!  Boy were you guys good!  I'll have to work harder on the next puzzle....I already have ideas Wink

Next, I heard from a reader named Trish who shares these gardening tips:

Anyway, last year you mentioned that you had a problem with Japanese beetles. We researched this issue a lot, and found the solution- 4o'clocks!!! There is a small dispute in our house over whether it was the red ones or the yellow ones. One worked, the other didn't. I suggest you grow both :) The beetles LOVE the flowers, and drop dead on site. Plant them around your veggie garden (the border) and the beetles with shred your flowers, and leave the veggies. As an added plus, there won't be hardly any at all the next year, because you've killed them before they reproduce.

Some say that 4 o'clocks are hard to grow, but it isn't true. Just soak them in water for about 24 hours before planting them. We always started them inside when we started the tomatoes so they can grow together. A warning- they seed like crazy! Worth it, though to get a natural pest control :)

Oh, one more tip, if it isn't too late- make sure that you check out the Garden Watchdog before you order from any mail-order source. It is the "consumer reports" of gardening companies!

I have been to the gardenwatchdog site and briefly looked around - what I saw appeared to be very good.  And you can bet I will be purchasing some seeds for 4 o'clocks.  It will be interesting to see if I have as good a result as Trish did!  I will be hitting the greeenhouse in about two weeks so it is time to organize my seeds and start thinking about the garden for this year.  If any of  you have some awesome, organic, garden tips, please feel free to share them as Trish did - thanks Trish!

I am putting Josiah in charge of the garden this year - he will be deciding what to grow (and what not to grow...good-bye okra!), where things need to be rotated to (you are rotating your plantings aren't you?) and other decisions... with a little guidance from Mom. This is what Josiah wants to I am beginning to let him get his feet wet.  We have been reading a variety of "farming" books this year and will continue to do so.

I am working on a post where I share about my past career (before I became a Mom 24 years ago!) - true confession time I guess. Some of you will be surprised, some shocked and some might actually be horrified....but God has a way of bringing someone around to a completely different viewpoint in life and I want to share about how I have changed.....guesses anyone?  No fair posting for those of you who might already knowSealed


  1. Let me guess....A Public Realations Gal for Monsanto? :)

  2. sitting here trying to weigh which was worse but I think the Monsanto thing would have to win the worst job of all....but mine was pretty "stinky"....walking around in knee deep "manure" all day but I was the only one that seemed to recognize it for what it was....
    Hint, Hint :)


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