Friday, February 2, 2007

What I NEVER want to see...and what YOU should all see!

This has been an interesting week - saw the dentist on Monday. I hate going to the dentist - I know it is silly but I had TERRIBLE experiences as a child....I know it is  all in my head since my current dentist is great BUT....I hate going to the dentist.  Nitrous has been a staple in my dental visits for years - well perhaps no more.  I had a reaction on Monday - barely made it home....vomiting....massive headache......extreme lethargy/sleepiness.  I spent the entire day in bed.....called the dentist the next day to see if they had upped my normal dose  - they asked if I had eaten before I came.....well, I left my home at 7:30 in the morning - I don't tend to eat that early.   They told me those were normal reactions on an empty tummy....NOW they tell me.   Here we are on Friday and I still don't feel quite normal but am able to be about my normal activities.

I came across this video - I NEVER want to be in the garden and have the plants looking back at me, reaching out to touch me or any of the other wild and wacky things you will see here!   I am assuming that these pictures have been artificially created but it was still very interesting to watch.

It has been snowing off and on the last few days - it is beautiful coming down but unfortunately it isn't sticking at all.  My boys (and, truth be told, me too!) are praying for one good snowfall so that we can have at least one day of sledding, snowangels, snowball fights, getting soaked and coming in to indulge in made from scratch hot chocolate and warm muffins!  I love the quiet "sound" of snow.

Last weekend the boys and I cleaned out the garden shed and now we are ready for gardening season. We need to get the greenhouse organized and I will begin planting seeds the first of March.  Hard to believe it is that time already!

There is another video that was sent to me by my brother.  It is an amazing thing to watch - I found it quite interesting that this girl's mother was an atheist before all this began in this young girl's life.  You can see it here ......and I really recommend that you all take the time to view this incredible movie. 

And lastly, Beth, a reader asks: 

Do you also stay away from teflon/non-stick pans? Just curious. =-) That’s another thing I’m learning to live without. Time to pull out the cast iron!

I'd like to address this in my next post...what I cook with and why I made those choices.

Grace and Peace!


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