Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Red Clover questions and answers....

Just to clear up a few questions....you can not substitue another type of clover, such as white clover, for red clover.  Different plants have different medicinal qualities.  I can't find any references to white clover in any of the half dozen herbal books I thumbed through quickly. Granted that is not a very thorough research job but it is the best I could do todaySurprised.

Also please note, and I know this is confusing...although white clover blossoms are white and round, red clover blossoms are pink and round and crimson clover blossoms are blood red but have a pointed flower. None of these are interchangeable.

And yes..you can buy red clover seeds....just make sure the Latin name is Trifolium pratense and you will know you found the right thing :)

Happy Spring Herb planting!


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