Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Come to see me in Kingsport, TN...

I apologize for my posts being a little sparse this week. I have been busy mixing teas, making salves and a few new products for a festival I will be attending this weekend. For my local readers, I will be speaking in Kingsport TN this coming Saturday, April 28th at the Spring Garden Fair on the grounds of the Exchange Place Living History Farm. I will also have a booth there both Saturday and Sunday.

This is a wonderful festival to attend as a family. The Fair focuses on demonstrations of springtime activities on an 1850s farmstead. Usually they will have a sheep shearing, men plowing and planting with horses, basket making, soap making over a fire, a broom maker, a petting area with farm animals, pony rides, and more. There will be various speakers, old fashioned foods, traditional music, heritage breeds of animals and lots of children's activities.

There are also many vendors selling plants, seeds, trees, and other garden related arts and farm products. Vendors are encouraged to bring native and heirloom plants and seeds.

This is a VERY popular festival with thousands attending each year. I hope to see some of you. If you attend, please come and introduce yourself to me. I love to meet my readers!

I'll be back to writing next week!


  1. Oh, I wish I could be there! Have a great time, sell lots of stuff and say hi to your boys for me!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun~~~wish I lived closer, I'd like to come. I hope you have a great time and sell out of your stuff, (but not before I get the stuff I ordered from your site~~~hehe).

  3. Maybe someday we will meet....but not this time! I hope you have a great time at the fair, Cheri. It sounds wonderful, just my kind of event. Wishing you success with your products and blessings for safe traveling!

  4. Hi Cheri, we're glad we were able to meet you and your boys today. Sorry we couldn't stay to hear your talk but our kids were exhausted. We sure had fun at the festival.

  5. I wanted to attend but we had a long planned trip to Nashville. I heard about it on NPR. I had no idea you were there!!!! Can you go all year long to the living history farm? I was hpong we could visit later. I am loving, LOVING, my soaps and shampoos. The lavendar and mint is our favorite!

  6. They have events all throughout the year and quite a few in the summer - it was a lot of fun!

    I'm so glad you are enjoying my soaps :)

  7. How was your weekend event? I received my order the other day and I am LOVING everything~~~thanks.

  8. Patrice,
    I had tons of fun, got to meet some of my readers and see a lot of previous students...my kids enjoyed the day as well - I'll be blogging about it soon with pictures!

    So glad you are enjoying your goodies!


  9. Hi Nathan, Nelly, Eowyn & Keldon!
    Thanks for "de-lurking" :) It was really nice to meet you all!


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