Sunday, May 13, 2007

I was kidnapped on Mother's Day....

...and I loved it!

My boys told me on Saturday night that I was to sleep in on Mother's Day and not to leave my room once I woke up. Hhhmmmm! So I slept in (till about 7 am) and shortly after that there was a knock on my door. When I answered with "come in" they arrived carrying a tray with breakfast and a fresh Peony blossom - one of my favorite flowers!

I was informed that I had an hour and a half to eat and dress...that I was being kidnapped! Wow! So of course I complied :) I was told not to look in the back of the truck and I was not told where we were going but simply given directions to "turn at the next light, take a left" and so on. We ended up at a store and Jeremy and Siah made a quick trip in while Elijah was left to guard me and make sure I wouldn't peek. I was told to close my eyes when they came out and then we were off again. It seemed that we drove FOREVER!

We ended up at one of my favorite parks and they directed me to their chosen picnic site. The boys had made a wonderful picnic lunch and even remembered to bring a picnic blanket. I was also presented with a long stem pink rose for lunch! I, however, was not allowed to do anything but enjoy myself. I was even fussed at for attempting to put something in the picnic basket...."No Work for You Today" was evidently their motto!tn_100_3744.JPG
We then took a nice long hike, played in the creek and enjoyed the beautiful weather.tn_100_3753.JPG tn_100_3757.JPG


Then we were off again! I was told that they had to be home be 2:00 because they were making dinner and had also invited Grandma.

I was allowed to cut two batches of soap that I made the day before and after much begging (and assuring them that I LOVE making soap) I was given one hour in the kitchen to work on a new batch of soap ....Pappaw's Shaving Soap!

I was then sent over to visit with my Mom till dinner time. When Mom and I arrived back at the house at the appointed time we were so surprised! Everything was beautiful.....cloth tablecloth and napkins and another bouquet of flowers - 3 roses in a beautiful vase with Baby's Breath - one rose from each boy!

We were served one of our favorite dinners - hot wings with my own special sauce (Josiah made the sauce by himself from my recipe book!), homemade fries, and peas! YUMMY!

Mom and I were then escorted to the living room (and I do mean escorted formally on the arms of the boys!) where we were served some bubbly (non-alcoholic!) with a Maraschino cherry in the glass. We were told to converse and relax while they cleaned up from dinner and served desert.

It didn't take long before we were called back to the table for cheesecake with fresh strawberries on top and another glass of the bubbly :) tn_100_3790.JPG

I confess that I ate way to much but somehow things seem to taste better when you haven't spent an hour or more cooking them yourself. Jeremy learned how hard it is to get everything cooked so that it all arrives on the table at the same time...."I don't know how you do this everyday!" was his comment after the meal was over. I noticed that he didn't eat nearly as much as he normally does. Spending hours in the kitchen seems to affect our appetites! The boys then worked together to clean the entire of the best parts :)

After desert came presents! Grandma was presented with a beautiful Peony in a vase and a delicate bracelet that we had picked out for her - dainty just like her!


My boys gave me the next season of Monk on dvd. We do not receive any tv stations, and don't have cable or satellite tv. But somehow, someplace, years ago we found out about this tv show and I really enjoyed it. I love mystery stories and this one has been enjoyable.


All in all, the boys outdid themselves! I know that a lot of planning, work and time when into this day along with a tremendous amount of love! My boys are tenderhearted, loving and have a desire to serve...all of that was evident on this special day. I had the best Mother's Day ever!


  1. Oh how sweet!!! I'm glad that you and your mom were treated like royalty for the day. You have some very special young men there! They will make some pretty good husbands, in the future, for some very lucky girls.

  2. Patrice,
    I have been truly blessed to have wonderful boys!

  3. Hi Cheri,
    Thanks for sharing your special day! Your boys are as great as mine are!

  4. Wow! I'm so impressed with your sons! They treated you like royalty and I'm sure you deserve it!! I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day!

    I just found your site and thought I would stop in and say hello! It's nice to meet you!

    I hope you have a blessed week!

  5. Hi Lynn!
    Thanks - aren't we blessed with our boys :)

  6. Mandalyn,
    Love those stickers! Thanks for saying hi - hope you will visit often!


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