Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Soap, soap, soap!

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, the gift from my friend Jan allowed me to make a LOT of new soap. I had to bring some shelves up from the basement to hold it all!

Here are pictures of my two shelving units almost filled with soap. You are looking at over 600 bars!


These soaps will be ready to use the second week of June so I need your help between now and the end of this month to come up with a couple of names! Just like last time, you can submit your suggestions in the comment section here and my family will vote on our favorite.....the winner will receive a bar of the soap that they named and your choice of any other bar of soap in my inventory!

Here are the two that I need help with....first, I created a soap for pets!


The essential oils in this soap will help to discourage fleas and ticks from making a home in your pet's coat or from climbing on board when your pet is outside. This is a wonderful soap made with coconut, palm, olive, and castor oils with added aloe oil (for healing) and jojoba oil (for extra moisturizing!). I added cedar, citronella, pennyroyal and eucalyptus oils for their insect repeling abilities. These oils combine to make a pleasing scent! "Paws and Claws" has already been suggested so I leave it to my readers to take it from there!

For the next soap lacking a name ..think Italy!


This is also a soap high in jojoba oil...but scented with Basil essential oil with sun-dried tomatoes and some of my organic dried basil, oregano, rosemary, garlic and thyme added for color, scent and the exfoliating abilities that they add. It looks good enough to eat and it smells heavenly! This is a wonderful soap for the kitchen since Basil e.o. is anti- bacterial! It would be lovely in a gift basket with a loaf of sourdough bread and a chunk of cheese!

There you have it...I'll be talking about some of the other new soaps over the next couple of weeks as I get them up on the website - I think you will be pleased...especially you men! Many of the new soaps have come from suggestions made by you, my readers!

The contest will end on May 31st and the winners announced within a few days after that! I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with :)


  1. Hi Cheri,
    How about Italian Garden Delight~~~smells just like your mama's home cooking.
    How about Groomer's Choice~~~conditions the coat and help keep pets flea and tick free.

    I hope you find some names that appeal to you.

  2. Good names Patrice! We'll put them in the "pot"!

  3. Is there a limit to our ideas? If so, throw out the ones that go over the limit! :)

    Tuscan Herb Garden
    Sapone (soap) di Italia
    Sapone Toscano
    Italia Fresco
    Garden Italiano
    Garden Toscano
    And other combinations of the above, but I'll spare you... :)

    I SO wish there was thyme in your pet soap... "Thyme Ticks Away" would've been so fun...

  4. Hi Ellajac,
    No limits- enter as many names and as often as you like :) Love the Thyme Ticks Away!

  5. I love all the ideas you've gotten already. They make mine sound kinda lame, but here goes anyway:

    For the flea/tick soap for pets - Fur'n Invasion (you know - the fleas and ticks invaded the fur like foreigners - fur'ners....guess if I have to explain it, it isn't such a great idea!)

    For the Italian soap - Thatsa Cleana! (you have to say that with an Italian accent though).

    Have fun and love to you and the boys!

  6. How about:

    The Pampered Pet

    Little Italy
    Scent of Italy

  7. Kitchen Kleen Hand-soap
    Hearty Italian Herb
    Italian Kitchen or Cucina Italiana

    Puss and Pooch Pet-soap
    Pampered Paws Pet-shampoo (Is there a technical difference between soap and shampoo?)

  8. Brenda and Amy,
    Both of you came up with great names! We'll put them in with the others - feel free to enter as often as you like!

  9. Hi Cheri!
    Love the names! Especially the Fur'n Invasion!
    Oops - wonder if people will apply that to illegals?

  10. Hi Cheri! Everyone has come up with such creative names! Here are my suggestions so far:

    For the Italian herb bar:

    Bouquet Garni
    Italian Potpourri
    A Taste of Italy
    Mediterranean Medley

    And for the pet soap:

    Flea Away
    Pest Repel

    P.S. Can I grate that Italian herb soap and sprinkle it on pizza? :) A cheese that incorporated all those flavors would be so delicious, wouldn't it?

  11. This seems simple and maybe already suggested:

    Italian herb (I like the semi-alliteration)

    and, groping here,

    Don't Bug My Pet Soap

  12. Here's my contribution: mama mia's scented kitchen
    a slice of Sicily
    Kitchen Arabiatta

    Bug Be Gone (is this soap exclusive to pets? is it okay for humans? :-) )
    Say Goodbye to Scratching

  13. More names for the pot:

    Clean Cocina (Italian for kitchen)
    Bug Off
    Don't Bug Me
    Tick Tock, Knock You Off

  14. Hi Mrs. Shelnutt. Here's my contribution:

    Shoo fly (from the song: shoo fly don't bother me, bother my brother instead)

    And because I like to add a little testosterone, how about:
    Tick Intimidator

    Have a great day!

  15. Just goofin' around, how about Flea Flee or Soapa Roma.
    BTW, I LOVED the Baby's Breath soap. My baby girl gets dry patches every time I give her a bath...even without any soap! The Baby's Breath gets her so clean and fresh and NO dry patches. Thank you!
    I'm also sending in another order for the patchouli soap...three teenage boys willingly using that soap--I owe you another big thank you! :)

  16. Emily,
    Great names, as usual for you! Although the soap smells good enough to eat...I think it would taste AWFUL - lots of people want to eat the Chocolate Ice too - it smells SO good!

  17. Diane and Denise,
    Great names - I'll put them in the running!

  18. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for the ideas - I'll be mentioning your comments in a post soon :) Thanks for the wonderful encouraging words!

  19. Hi Daniel,
    It is nice to have some male input! Thanks for the great names!

  20. Hi
    I think Bellisimo for the Italian herb soap.It sounds almost edible.
    Have a nice day.

  21. I think Critter Cleaner for the pet soap....and Tuscan Tidy Up for the Italian herb soap...

  22. Flea B Gone
    Flea No More
    Flea Flicker

    Capra Latte Sapone Italiano (Italian Goat Milk Soap)

    Buona Salute Sapone (Good Health Soap)

    Magnifico Sapone d'Italiano (Beautiful Italian Soap)


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