Friday, May 25, 2007

The Wizbang Garden Cart!

I am SO excited!! My friend Herrick Kimball has written another book! If you haven't read Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian then you need to! You can find this book here. I have read this book twice and it will be required reading for my home-schooled boys! It is a delightful read with many thought provoking stories. Herrick is a gifted writer. I highly recommend this book as a gift on Father's Day to all those agrarian Dads or agrarian wannabe Dads! the rabbit trail and back on the subject! Herrick has written another book to help us in our agrarian pursuits....this time we get to learn how to build his Whizbang Garden Cart! And if you order now, you save money...always a plus in my book! You can read about this book here and there are even more ideas for this cart and how to build it here. I know that I ordered my book a couple of weeks ago and my boys have promised to build it for me. I have been wanting a garden cart for several years but the idea of spending hundreds of dollars just didn't fly in my budget! So, imagine how thankful I was to learn of Herrick's new book!

I think painting it a deep forest green and adding some lovely hand-painted herbs and flowers along the sides are in our future :) Once I read the book, I will be sure to share with you what I think...and once my cart is built (which may not happen till fall!) I will definitely be posting pictures!

Get 'em while they're hot!


  1. Hi Cheri,

    What a nice surprise to see that you have blogged about the Whizbang Garden Cart! I sure do appreciate that.

    You are one of exactly 50 (at this point) people who have ordered a prepublication copy of the book (at a reduced pre-publication price). I look forward to getting the books from the printer later this next week and sending them out.

    The homemade Whizbang Cart that I developed plans for has been an incredibly useful tool for me around my homestead and I know it will be for others too.

    Thanks again & best Whizbang wishes,


  2. Herrick,
    You are very welcome!I am looking forward to using my cart next year in the garden :) Can't wait to see the book!


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