Friday, May 4, 2007

Wonderful festival....(Part 1)

It was a wonderful spite of the freezing rain :) Saturday started out sunny and beautiful but within a very short time it began to get cloudy...the wind picked up (very cool wind) and then the rain began. We were in the "Main House" . The room we were in had a door leading to the outside porches on each side - translated that means we were in the proverbial wind tunnel! None of us were prepared for cold weather. I snatched a blanket out of my Mom's car and a wrap that I keep in mine because church is always on the chilly side. We did the best we could but were really tempted to light a fire in the fireplace!

An occasional visit to the kitchen out back, which did have a roaring fire in the fireplace, helped to keep us warm. I wondered if I would be speaking in the downpour....but thankfully it cleared up about 30 minutes before I was scheduled to speak and all went well. I was privileged to meet some lurkers readers of my blog (Hi Nathan and Nellie!) and their beautiful children, as well as visit with many of my students who came to hear me speak, shop a little and "hug my neck"! My dear friends Peggy and Henry came over two hours to encourage me and love on me...they have been wonderful prayer warriors for me in this season of heartache and trial! Peggy is my greatest walking billboard - we met at a festival several years ago when they came to hear me speak and literally followed me home :) Peggy has taken several classes I have offered and she has this to say about my Basic Medicinal Herb Course...
I have attended two of Cheri's herb classes and I must say I certainly learned a lot. She is very knowledgeable, informative, and practical in her teaching. She is a wonderful teacher! She took us through step by step on how to use many different herbs in cooking and the many medicinal uses of so many different herbs and plants. I highly recommend her class!

See what I mean about the walking billboard thing? My boys are plotting a way to live closer to each other (next door is what they mean!) since some of our boys are very close in age.

Here are some outside shots of the can see people in period dress and some of the older buildings.


The rain is beginning to clear....finally!


Elijah was able to take a class on the back porch in basket making. There were many things for the kids to participate in....he had SUCH a great time!


This lady had the patience of a saint. Elijah not only talked through the entire process but his feet were never still...directly behind him on the porch was a group of ladies playing dulcimers, fiddles and more...lovely bluegrass, gospel and old timey hymns....glorious!

And the finished project....tn_100_3646.JPG

Tomorrow I'll share some pictures of our little "shop" area and you can meet Tom Sawyer who spent most of the day on our front won't believe what he was doing!


  1. He looks so handsome in his uniform, and the basket looks amazing! I am going to have to take the herb class. Keep me posted when you are teaching that one again in our vicinity!

  2. Hi!
    I'll keep you informed :)

  3. How old is your son? My son is going to be 9 in June and is also a Bear in Cub Scouts. By the way Great Job on your basket Elijah!!!



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