Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wonderful festival....(Part 2)

The second day of the festival was glorious - people were spreading blankets under trees, eating together, talking, laughing...gee...I wanted to join them! It was a perfect spring day, sunny and breezy! The crowds came out....they didn't necessarily shop but they certainly enjoyed the grounds.

Sue, the wonderful lady that works so hard on this festival, confiscated my youngest son and put him in charge of two projects for kids. She knows my boy...that phrase "you are in charge" makes his eyes dance! She gave Elijah a section of ground to hoe...or rather to teach those city kids to hoe....they did a great job. You could plant a flower bed there now. I learned that Elijah can hoe a lot better than I thought!


His next project was to teach the kids how to haul water from the spring and wash the wool sent over from the freshly sheared sheep. Elijah enjoyed this so much that he was washing wool even when there were no kids to teach...hhmmmmm maybe it is time to get some sheep....I always wanted to learn to spin!


This was one tired kid by the end of the day!

Josiah, my egg farmin' son has quite the entrepreneurial bent. He had handcrafted some cane poles to sell. On Saturday he sold one....he brought over 20 and was trying to figure out how to increase sales. So....we decided he needed to be Tom Sawyer. He pulled on some worn jeans with holes in the knees, a shirt from his civil war costume, suspenders, straw hat and with those freckles and blond hair he looked just like Tom Sawyer!


Josiah got completely into character...calling out "Howdy!" to the passers by....talking about life with Aunt Polly and how he was making a cane pole so he could "go fishin' with Huck down ta the crick...wouldn't you like to grab a pole and come along too?" People were thrilled! They actually stopped to have their picture taken with him or to have their children's pictures taken....and Josiah....he sold almost all of his poles! What a great lesson in marketing! He plans on doing this next year...and at other festivals we go to! He also sold a lot of his fresh eggs and plans on expanding his business!

Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of our little shop area at this festival!


  1. I'm glad that all of you had a good time at the festival. A huge "GREAT JOB" to all of your resourceful boys for their well done jobs. I love the Tom Sawyer marketing approach. I wish we lived closer, I would have loved to come see all of you.


  2. The boy is a marketing genius.

    Tell me...does he do freelance work for others?

    I'm making a mental note to acquire some wool and a washboard for those times when I need to wear my guys out!

    I love that joy that shines from your guys eyes! Priceless.


  3. Hi Patrice!
    Thanks for the encouraging words :)


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