Monday, July 16, 2007

For you men....

Here are a couple of soaps I made with my young men in mind....not that we women can't enjoy them also... but chances are they will be purchased and used by more men than women. So, get ready's time to....

Lock N' Load!


This is the ultimate soap for hunters. It camouflages the human scent! The astringent qualities of the oakmoss absolute, and the birch and white oak barks, help remove the oils from your skin that carry the human scent. These oils are quickly replaced with the essential oils of fir and spruce! You will enter the woods smelling like the forest that surrounds you. Some men even grate a bit of this soap to use for washing their hunting clothes for the first time! It is also wonderful for those nature lovers that like to hike "incognito" in the hopes of seeing the wildlife. You can find Lock N' Load on my website here.

Happy Hunting gentlemen!

And for those of you who love to fish....take a look at Hook, Line and Sinker!


Did you know that fish are attracted to the smell of licorice? This soap is packed with licorice! When I was researching "fish" I learned some amazing things....I didn't know that fish could "smell" what is in the water over 1/2 mile away. I didn't know that there are some human scents that are attractive to fish and some that repel them. This could explain why certain people always seem to catch the fish...My Uncle Kie must have been one human that was attractive to fish - he always caught a mess of fish even if no one else had a bite! It was my Uncle Kie that instilled a love of fishing in me....I still enjoy it :)

Use this soap to wash your hands in the water when you get to your favorite fishing can even wet the soap and rub it on your bait. If you cast...they will come! Grab your tackle boxes gentlemen (and ladies!) and head for the water! You will find Hook Line & Sinker here.

I still have 4 or 5 more soaps that will be going on the website...I'll write about them here first! stay tuned for Aches Away Soap, Tarragon Fantasy, Spring Bouquet, Double Mint, and another shampoo an exciting new development in the salve department :)

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