Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun in the kitchen!

Makayla and I spent an afternoon in the kitchen together fixing dinner. I decided on something simple and fun...lasagna. What child doesn't like to get their hands messy and be able to "taste test" at the same time? :)

I cooked the noodles and let them cool before we started. I had the different cheeses grated and on plates so that it would be quick, easy and fun...we were prepared for the syndrome of "short attention span" and never having cooked with Makayla before I wasn't sure how much she would like it....if at all.


Makayla thought it was SO funny that you made the same layers over and over again. But she also LOVES cheese and didn't mind tasting each layer....aaaahhhhh...the first sign of a good cook!tn_sprinkle-cheese.JPG

Here we are sprinkling cheese...her favorite part! Makayla also likes to smell everything...the noodles, the sauce, the cheese...and of course at 5 years old she was full of questions...most beginning with "Why do we....". Lots and lots of questions :)

And her finished masterpiece...delicious!


Stay tuned for bread baking....

Note to Makayla: (Hi Makayla! So glad Daddy is showing you these pictures...your lasagna was SO good and I can't wait for you to come back and cook with me again! I love you! Aunt Cheri)

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