Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Soaps and Salves!

Those of you who braved the post on Eczema may have realized that I have some new salves up on the website…..but I have also begun to add the soaps I’ve been creating! Let’s take a look at what has been going on in my kitchen :)

We will start with the salves:


You will find this Calendula Salve here. This salve is wonderful for Eczema, burns and other skin irritations. It is terrifically soothing to nursing Mom’s who are suffering with sore nipples, and for little ones who get sunburned. Calendula is one of the herbs studied in my Medicinal Herb Course and has many healing properties both externally and internally!

I have also added an herbal remedy for stuffy noses. This is my herbal answer to the petroleum based “vicks”-type salves from the drug store.


This all natural chest rub, filled with healing essential oils, will help open the nasal passages so that you, and your little ones can “Breathe Easy” at night. I rub this lightly on the chest and throat and then cover with a soft flannel cloth. I have used this for a long time to help my boys sleep easier at night during colds and bronchial problems and now I offer it to my readers :)

And I am excited to be able to tell you that I once again have the Aches Away Salve in the roll up tubes! When the price of oil went up, all plastic container prices went sky high. I found a wonderful deal on these tubes because the top and bottom aren’t the same color ….but I don’t think that presents a problem.


The best part is that they are twice the size of the previous tubes….but NOT twice the price! Once again, you can apply my herbal deep heating rub without having to get your fingers in the salve! For a couple of unbiased opinions of this salve you might want to visit here! (Thanks Scott!)

Now….onto the new soaps…..

I created a shampoo bar for pets that kills fleas and ticks without using insecticides. Yes, Virginia, the commercial pet shampoos contain insecticides!


Canine Caress is a gentle, moisturizing shampoo bar for your four-legged friends! I used natural essential oils in this soap to give it the ability to kill fleas and ticks. It gets a lot of use at our house! It leaves their coats shiny and silky smooth!

And lastly (at least for today!) is my new shaving soap! Grandpa’s Shaving Soap was created after my boys got old enough to shave. I hated to see them buy a shaving cream that was filled with chemicals…remember that what you put on your skin goes into your body! I wanted to create a shaving soap that would be moisturizing, healing and give a very close shave. I also wanted it to be something that we ladies could use :)

This soap can be used either with the old fashioned brush and straight razor (which my 17 year old LOVES) or it can be used with the new razors that are either disposable or have disposable heads (which is what I use). Grandpa’s Shaving Soap contains comfrey oil so it is very healing, it has Bentonite Clay for a close, smooth and silky shave and the wonderful scents of cinnamon and lavender - neither too feminine or too masculine!

Stay tuned over the next few days for many more soaps - tomorrow is especially for you men who like to hunt and fish!

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  1. Cheri,
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