Monday, April 21, 2008

Soap contest!

I have been busy creating a new soap. I finally have it just like I want it. But...I need your help to name it! The winner will receive two bars of soap, your choice, from my gift to you for your help.

Here are the rules. Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday of this week. Name will be chosen by our family.....and although there *is* a winner, we are not under obligation to use your name....after all...we might come up with one of our own!

Here is a picture of this soap...


It is such a beautiful shade of green! And, most importantly, this soap has a purpose! This is my "poison ivy relief" soap. This soap is made with olive oil infused with Jewelweed and a touch of Plantain. The essential oils are Patchouli (for it's astringent qualities) and Lavender (for it's soothing, anti-itch qualities). Jewelweed is a natural antidote for poison ivy. It has the ability to break the bond that the urisol oil forms with human skin. Plantain is a close second for relief.

Each year I make huge quantities of Jewelweed tincture and a special salve with Jewelweed for poison ivy (which is going up on the website in the next week!). When I feel that someone has been exposed to poison ivy, they either wash with the juice of the Jewelweed plant (if in season) or wash with the tincture and then they use this soap for bathing. After bathing, we apply the Jewelweed salve and find that the rash clears in a very short time. No more battling the itches for weeks! You can search the archives here on my blog to see pictures of Jewelweed and to learn more about using it in your home!

Isn't our Father so faithful to supply plants to counteract the adverse effects of poison ivy?! As I have said before, I firmly believe that in His loving kindness, He has supplied all that we need....we've just lost the know-how that was second nature to our forefathers. I pray that we can regain what the locusts have eaten over the years.'s your turn to get busy...leave a comment or email me your suggestions. Winner will be announced Thursday morning!


  1. How about "Itch Away", "Itch No More", or "Green Relief"
    Mark Franzman

  2. Hi TNFarmgirl , I found your blog via Peggy @ Hidden Haven Homestead. I have spent sometime reading your blogs about herbs.

    My name suggestion for your soap is ......

    ~ Green Blessing ~

    It is a true blessing that nature provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves.


  3. I have got to tell you--my oldest daughter, age 10, who has severe allergies to dyes and preservatives and has to be very careful to use organic/natural products started using plantain for bug bites per your article. She told me to say "thank you, thank you, thank you". Now she wants to learn more about herbal weeds. :)

  4. Itch Be Gone


    JewLavPlanPatch Soap!

  5. I V away or Iv-away

  6. Ivy Cleanse & Comfort bar

  7. No Itchy, No Owwy
    or what we'll call it at my house:
    "Look Mom, No Steroids!"
    (The poison oaks & ivys persecute my husband, son and mother....I'll be buying that jewelweed tincture by the bucket load)

  8. My suggestion for naming your soap is:


  9. How about AHHH~~~Sweet Relief or Nature's Blessing~~~Itch Relieving Soap

  10. Great names so far!

    Mrs. Burns - don't know if you can buy the tincture but you can certainly make it by following the directions on my blog!

    Patrice - good names but Scott McGregor came up with Sweet Relief already - we'll put your other name on the list!

    I'm excited about your daughter! Wish I had started this journey at her age. She might be interested in my Medicinal Herb class - email me and we will work something out on the time limit - I am willing to extend it for a young one who wants to learn!!

  11. Hi!
    I have no idea what you should name your soap. I have a hard enough time naming my own designs. =)
    Yet, I wanted to let you know that Prairie Daisy Handspun told me about your site, specifically this blog post, since I had just blogged about suffering from poison ivy from Spring through Fall thanks to my pup Jake.

  12. "God's Gracious Green Goodness".....I know it's a long name....but I love alliteration.

    God Bless,

  13. Sweet Ivy Soother

  14. My thoughts are:

    Wilderness Green Rescue

    Wilderness Rescue

    Wilderness Green Relief

    Green Wilds Relief

    Thanks for the fun!

    Kris in WA

  15. How about the "Jade Bar".

  16. I'm late for the contest, but I like:



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