Friday, March 20, 2009


Birthday Boy!

My baby is 11.  I can't believe it...and he certainly is a baby no more.  He's turned into such a special young man!

Normally birthdays are a quiet, family oriented party but this year Elijah asked if he could have a BIG party.  I felt he needed this special time, so I agreed.  He had such fun inviting his favorite people and almost everyone said they could make it!

Friends and Family

I cooked several pans of lasagna and made two different types of bread because my boy has big brown eyes, because one of his favorite foods (and mine!) is home made bread, and because he knows if he makes "moo eyes" at me it is hard to refuse! (Although I CAN, Elijah, ....just to remind you :) )

Lasagna and cheese bread!

My Mom made two HUGE salads and she and Pam both brought ice cream...enough to feed an army! The women congregated at the table during dinner while the men took over the living room! We have a very cozy living space and we were filled to the rafters!


I asked that no one bring presents but I allowed Elijah to open his family presents in front of everyone.  Here he is sitting between two of his favorite guys.  These men have become great influences in Elijah's life...his eyes light up each time he sees them!

Two of his favorite people!

Everyone did bring cards....and some of them slipped a little gift into their card...stinkers!  I go to church with stinkers!  Imagine that....  One family took the time to sketch Elijah his favorite bird...the Red Cardinal...ya'll did an awesome job! He loves it and it will be framed and placed on his wall!

His favorite bird!

Another family brought him one of his favorite things...another bird's nest for his collection.  Julie found it months ago and saved it all this time for Elijah!

Here's a group shot of some of the men in his life.....Russel and his family had left by the time I thought to take this picture so we missed someone very important.  I would say that Elijah was  "in his element" that evening.

The men in his life!

We ended the evening playing games....Apples to Apples has become one of our favorite games (please note...we had to edit the cards so play with caution!).


This game always provides lots of laughter!

What a boy!

All in all, we all had a wonderful time, enjoyed our friends who have truly become family, and celebrated the life of a very special young bias on my part you know!

Thanks for joining me for a peek at Elijah's birthday :)


  1. "Handsome" birthday party! Happy Birthday, Elijah!

  2. Happy Birthday Elijah!!!!!

    Cheri, I would say if your church is full of stinkers, then you go to the right one!!! :)

  3. Hi Andrea,
    I'll pass it on to Elijah!

    I know....I know....I just can't help myself :)

  4. happy happy happy birthday, elijah! my favorite "guide/narrator" person. i have found myself searching out cardinals and we have plenty and always "think/pray" for you!!!

  5. I love the version of Apples to Apples we played at the end! What fun!

  6. that looked like a lot of fun!!!! I want a better look at that cake! it looks amazing!


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