Monday, March 23, 2009

A Heads Up for Verizon Customers!

A dear friend just passed this info on to me and I thought I'd do the same for my readers.  Gotta keep on our toes!
Information about a change in Verizon's privacy policy. The change allows Verizon to sell information about location, length of phone conversations, who you call, websites accessed using a smart phone etc. You can opt out by calling    1-800-333-9956.

You can copy and paste if you'd like more information.


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  1. Thanks so much for this "heads up". We, as well as several family members, are verizon customers. I was very surprised to read this, but I called the number and took care of their nosiness. I was also able to pass the number on to others who needed to know. My brother and sister-in-law actually replaced their phones and renewed their contract last week and they were not told anything about this. It's not right that the company can do something like this without making an honest effort to inform customers of their intentions.

    Thanks again,


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