Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sky is Falling!

Well, at least it seems that way in our milking parlor!

The ceiling in our milking parlor is coming down...literally.  It also happens to be the floor of our hayloft. You can see here where the post from the milking parlor is going through the ceiling and up into the floor of our hayloft.  This leaves it sticking out of the floor above - a killer on your ankles!

Posts going through the ceiling!

The posts are also buckling from the pressure of the ceiling coming down.

Buckling posts

Up in the hayloft you can see where the posts are pushing up the floor....

Floor of the hayloft coming up!

leaving the floor of the hayloft very uneven, and difficult to walk over.

Boards in the hayloft

There are also places where it is buckled from the pressure of the posts underneath it.

Uneven flooring

The appears that when they laid the floor they neglected to place a very needed support beam.  They just laid the floor boards over the posts from the milking parlor.

Another the milking parlor we have two sliding feeding troughs on tracks.  The farm originally had 90 milk cows that were milked.  They cows walked up a ramp.  The first feeding trough was slid out of the way so the first cow made her way to the second feeding trough.  The first trough was slid back into position for the second cow.  When both cows were done, then both feeding troughs were slid out of the way and the cows could pass on through.

When we moved here, ten years ago, the ceiling was just beginning to sag.  We could still move the feeding troughs but it was difficult.  Since this problem was never addressed, it has continued to sag until the posts broke through the floor boards above and the feeding troughs were locked into place.

Recently, a gentleman from church was here to help answer some questions for the boys about different projects.  When he saw this he was very concerned for the boys safety.  Evidently this was something that should have been addressed years ago ....especially since we place about  400 80lb. bales of hay up there each summer.

It was time to take action!

In the next post.... a blow by blow description of what was done!  (Sorry Marci....I know....stinker :) )



  1. Rebecca van VegtenMarch 24, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    Oh, my goodness. I wish we were there to help.

  2. Hi Cheri,
    I am so far behind on blog reading! Sorry to be 'absent'. Happy belated to Elijah - sounds like a wonderful birthday party.

    And I'm with Rebecca - wish I was there to help ( I am very good at tearing things down -not so much with putting them back together...)

    Miss you!


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