Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Tacky Party

I've had several people ask me about our annual tacky party each Christmas.  Words just cannot describe so I guess pictures will have to do.  The idea is to come VERY tacky...think Florida tourist.  Some people got the concept and some we had to "tacky up" a bit.

It is a pot luck so there was lots of good food.  We played Headbands! (*note*cards require careful adult editing/disposal!) We didn't have enough bands so we pinned them to people's backs with clothes pins.  We had a White Elephant gift exchange and we had prizes for the tackiest people. After we eat, we play games until everyone goes home....hopefully it lasts a good long time.

So, here are a few pictures to get  minds rolling!  Nora Desmond made an appearance at our party - she was...uh.... scary "different"!

Nora Desmond?

The Willi came - some of them needed a little "tacky" help.

The Wills Family!

I think there must be a story behind the chef's hat.  Mike has traveled everywhere, and done so many things...perhaps he did a stint at a fine European restaurant!


That classy gentleman in the back is one of our elders from church! I confess that we tackied him up too - he just came dressed too...well...normal!


Josh and Beth evidently interrupted a Christmas in Hawaii just to come to our tacky those are good friends!


This poor, homeless man, heard all the fun and begged to come in.  So...we let him :)  I WAS Christmas know...feed the poor and all that...

Too cute!

And this little girl was so adorable, we didn't have the heart to tacky her up!  Loved the poodle skirt!

One of the guests from our party told her brother about our tacky party and he decided to throw his own tacky party...but...when the guests arrived he took them BOWLING!!  Bowling!

Gives me lots to think about for next year...ya'll have been warned.  So, I am giving the rest of you plenty of notice to dream up tacky parties for yourself next Christmas.  I expect reports people...and pictures!  Perhaps we have started a new, nationwide tradition!  Wonder if I can work this into some sort of paid party plan.....nah!....just have fun....I know that we all did.

I am already looking forward to doing this fact the boys are suggesting a summer harvest tacky party....perhaps we could all come dressed as veggies....or farmer's....hhhmmmm...



  1. Ah - that was so much fun! I absolutely loved everyone's tacky outfits. :-)

    You know, as I your blog turned bold and I began to read this post via RSS feed I thought "oh! I should send her that picture of my brother's tacky party!" But I see someone in the family has beat me to it! Must have been Walter.

    Oh yeah, and I'm all for another tacky party in the summer/before Christmas. I already have a couple ideas for costumes!

  2. this is perrrfect!we don't owe any fees do we for this suggestion, patent rights or ?

  3. Kasie,
    I think your Mom sent that off :)
    See you soon!

    Wish I could make money from this but just knowing everyone is having fun will be enough! :)


  4. That's sounds like a great party. Maybe I'll have to throw a tacky party. I've got great tacky jewlry (think Mrs. Roper)!

  5. Amy,
    Try one - you'll have a ball. Don't know who Mrs. Roper is but I hope she doesn't read my blog!

  6. looks like fun fun fun!! :)
    I wanna hug the homeless man!

  7. You might want to read my latest post at my blog concerning HR875. Action needs to be taken. It is concerning gardening, etc.

  8. Cheri,
    This bill (HR875) is now on "fast track" for a vote in 2 WEEKS! They are trying to get this pushed through in a hurry before it gains clout! I hope you will consider a post about this and get/encourage all of your readers to call their representatives and let them know!!!! \


  9. Concerning the last picture...

    I just heard from my friend that the lady all the way on the right (blue stockings, awful makeup...) won the prize for being the most tacky! I had a feeling she would. :-D

  10. Kasie,
    I just knew it! She deserved to win...especially for being willing to go out in public looking like that!


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