Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm a 52 year old woman.

I love my life.

I love my farm.

I have a cat with a broken pelvis in my house (did I mention I'm allergic to cats?)

I have a goat in my house (another traumatic birth and rejected forthcoming).

It has been very cold and rainy (winter is still hanging on) ...everything is muddy....the barn is freezing.

I have been in the barn a lot recently, either babysitting sick kids or monitoring pregnant does.

Did I mention the barn is damp.....and cold?

Recently I was in the barn shaving goat udders at midnight!

I just returned from the barn with a baby so he could attempt to nurse his very uninterested mama.

It is midnight again.

It is cold.

Would some one please remind me why I love this life....


  1. i know right?coffee co georgia just had one of the most horrific floods this co has ever experience & my house in the middle of it. i love this new life. water rising in my house, the front part, destroyed the sheetrock, water coming up from my antique hardwood floors, i love this new life, septic, oooh another story, 3 days. 2 foot trench around house, veg & flower plants, GONE, i love this new life, water come thru my new cabinets, but you know what, TRULY, i love this new life. i'm not preaching but to me, i told my brother, even with all this, this is still what we love, and i love my life!!! i'm praying! you and me, kindred spirit.

  2. Cause I vividly remember your last post about going to the mall when your son bought his weren't a happy camper!

  3. Why?

    Because there are other days when...

    ...the weather is beautiful and the mud has dried.

    ...the barn is a warm quiet place filled with the smell of fresh hay.

    ...the does' udders don't need shaving and they call to you when they see you come outside.

    ...the baby goats you helped get started are frolicking in the pasture. can't imagine doing anything else.

  4. Because you love those animals. Because the place is yours. Because it gives you a level of independence most people will never know.

    Besides, God said we would have to "toil" for our food. Life isn't supposed to be easy. How else would you know your living it? And what better way to appreciate everlasting life with your Creator?

  5. Because you love the babies and your boys love the farm, and on warm sunny days you can see the does in the pasture and the kids running and jumping. The gift of learning when your boys learn how to fix a roof in the barn and feed troughs for the cows, and the feel of the good moist soil when your planting your garden. Am I close. These would be the reason I would have. I dream of being back out in the country.

  6. Hang in there, it will get better soon. You'll be rewarded for all that you do.

  7. All of the above. is that special spot that the Father has enabled you to remain in as you glorify Him. I am sure you have seen many, many answers to prayer during your 52 years. But I daresay a large percentage of them have been in that particular place!

  8. Cause its in your blood and it still beats having a "real job". Thats what I always say anyhow. :)

    Hang in there, we are all praying for you up here in the frozen north.

  9. Ladies,
    You are ALL right....thanks for the nudge!

    You're right must be in my blood because no matter how awful the day and no matter how weary I am when I crawl into bed, I'm still thanking Him that this is what I do and praying that I can do it for the rest of my life...and that my boys will continue on after me!

    Thanks for the prayers - they matter more than you know!


  10. Because, my dear sister in Christ, you love freedom, you love your children, you love the Earth, and you love what our Father teaches you through it. Some folks would call us crazy. Me, I call us blessed!


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