Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blast from the Past

Lest you think otherwise, just let me say that this is NOT a good thing.  My boys are of them quite sick. It has been years since they've been really sick. Warning: This is a typical mama post with graphic depictions of illness.  If that bothers you, best leave now.

It started about two weeks ago.  I began our normal regimen of herbal care with some success.  Last Monday, I decided to take them to the doctor to make sure I wasn't missing something - they just weren't bouncing back like they normally do.

Been a LONG time since I was at the doctor with sick boys. Evidently, according to them, we don't go there enough.  Have you ever been scolded for not being sick more?  In fact it had been so long ~gasp~ that they had to be seen as "new patients" again.  I guess if you go more than five years between visits (and it had been that long or longer for each of them) then you are "new".  I was huffed at and puffed's the kicker....they still found their old files.....    hhhhmmmm. Sounds fishy to me.  Note: the five years between visits is for their regular doctor and does not include the visits for trauma know....broken bones, smashed fingers etc.  I've NEVER gone 5 years without someone breaking or smashing something!

I was encouraged though.  The doctor told me that he could tell Jeremy had been suffering from a sinus infection and ear infections but that I had managed to clear them both up.  However he did offer Jeremy a shot that would "make him feel great in just a day or so."  I thought he was joking at first but..... no...he was serious!  A flags went up. "What kind of shot can do that?" the mama innocently asked....steroids.   STEROIDS?!   They give steroids once you are over something so you might "feel" better a few days earlier?  Jeremy declined...we'll keep up with the herbs...    thank.   you.   very.   much.

Josiah was the worst with a raging sinus infection, however, the doctor could tell I had managed to clear up the ear infections with that wonderful garlic & mullein oil.  He recommended anitbiotics and since they were going to be gone the next weekend, I thought it a good idea.

My little man Elijah had a sinus infection and an infection in one ear with the other one showing evidence of one previously but also well on the mend.  It wasn't too awful and he didn't feel that bad.  Again, antibiotics recommended and again I thought it a good idea.  This was the first time Elijah has ever had an antibiotic for an ear infection.  The garlic & mullein herbal oil I use always clears them up.  Trust me.  I own an otoscope and I know how to use it!

I thought all would be well but come Monday, my little man was much worse.  He slept almost all day.  Then he began coughing that night.  He continued to get worse little by little despite what I was,  the coughing increased bit by bit.  It got to the point that he was coughing so much he was vomiting.

I had the worst experience - I had run to town for MORE cough drops and called him to double check on the flavor he wanted.  He was talking and coughing and then I heard a huge bang (phone being thrown on the floor!), heard him vomiting and calling for help... "Help!...someone help me".  Oh, to be able to jump through the heart sank!  His brothers were out doing chores and no one was there in the house!  I stayed on the line until he could get back to me, made sure he was o.k. and then hurried home.  Last night he coughed all night and continued vomiting from the coughing. We spent a good part of the night in the big rocking chair.  He was running a fever and would doze on and off between coughing fits.  He hung onto me so tightly, and he was so warm that it was like being down in the greenhouse! It was a long night for both of us..... so this morning...back to the doctor.  His normal doctor was on vacation this week so we went to see a friend of mine who has a walk-in clinic here in town.  He is an excellent doctor.

Elijah has managed to progress to bronchitis, fluid behind the ear drums and ear infections.  Lovely.  It was hard for him to talk to the doctor...did I mention he can't stop coughing...or vomiting?  He was given another antibiotic and.....drum roll please.....a cough syrup with a narcotic in it to knock my darling out so he can sleep quiet his cough and allow him to rest tonight.  Me?  I am walking in a fog and it is only 7:30 pm...normally I'm not like that until after 10 p.m.

He continues to cough like crazy...and vomit....but hopefully tonight there will be sounds of silence.  He's been told to avoid crowds both for his own sake (he could catch something worse) and so that he doesn't infect someone else.  Not a problem for me....I learned many years ago not to take vomiting children out in never turns out well for me...somehow I always end up covered in vomit.  I once rode 12 hours in a car with a child that began vomiting ON me about 20 minutes into the trip....come to think of it....I think that was Elijah too!.

I'm going to settle down in the rocker with my little one, administer the cough syrup and we are going to watch Herbie the Love Bug.  Hopefully by the end of the movie, he will be sound asleep and one of his big brothers can carry him up to bed so I can tuck him in....then I will gratefully fall into my own.

We'd appreciate your prayers for our family!



  1. Saying a prayer for your family tonight.

  2. Oh no... that doesn't sound like fun.. :o( Hope everyone's on the mend soon and that you all get some good rest tonight! Love you!

  3. Aww... I sure hope everyone gets healed up quick. I'll definitely be praying for you. :)

  4. Cheryl - so very glad that he's feeling better....its been a very long time since I have dropped by for a visit, so I just now found out your boys had been sick...

    BTW, if you don't see your dr in THREE yrs, then you are considered a "new pt"....don't ask me...i just WORK in the healthcare field.


    May God continue to bless and keep you and your lovely family...


  5. Oh wow... Elijah sounds exactly like me. :( It started almost 2 weeks ago when I got off a cruise ship. I thought I was experiencing land sickness because I didn't get any sea sickness. Plus a sore throat on top of it. I already had been treated for an ear infection a week and a half before that.

    Sore throat develops into a cough. Cough sticks around for a week and turns out I have bronchitis. Still taking antibiotics and trying to shake off the occasional hacking.

    I've also experienced queasy tummy, headaches and lots of diarrhea. No vomiting though.

    Truthfully? After sharing it with some ladies on a forum, I'm strongly suspecting it's the swine flu. Albeit, a "weaker" version. I still believe there'll be a stronger wave coming in the fall/winter.

    I rarely get sick, except for a cold once or twice a year and my ear infections (I'm deaf, so I think my hearing aids are causing the infections when I wear them too much). I haven't had the flu since I was 13 years old. And hello! It's summertime. Why are so many people getting sick in the summer?


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