Thursday, July 2, 2009

Road Trip!

Jeremy has been on a quest for about a year now.  He has been working hard and saving money hoping to make a huge purchase around Christmas this year.  Then it happened.  He was doing some checking on EBay and found something he thought he might really wasn't quite what he had in mind but he was willing to take a little less to get it a little quicker.

I was trying to find the listing when I stumbled across something else...something that made his eyes widen and his fingers twitch.  So much nicer than he ever hoped or dreamed...but oh! the price...however it was  followed by "make me an offer".  So Jeremy did...but it wasn't enough.  They ended up talking on the phone...on and off over the next few days.  He was a very nice gentleman with a heart for a hard-working young man who was just starting out.

He made Jeremy an offer...a wonderfully, huge, kind, generous offer.  Jeremy had to tell him that he still couldn't swing it but would work hard and get back to him.  Jeremy worked as much as he could for the next 10 days or so....his brothers loaned him some money from their farm account, Grandma helped too, big brother Josh kicked in with a generous graduation gift...and Mom, well, I filled in the gaps.

Jeremy called this gentleman back but the set was sold.  Have you ever watched your child's eyes when they thought all was lost....heart breaking!  Then this wonderful man told Jeremy that he would "build" another set....just like the one on EBay....he said  "I am a man of my word"...and he liked what he saw in Jeremy...the willingness to work hard for a dream.  There was only one stipulation....we had to pick it up and pay in cash.  Pick.       it.      up. Myrtle Beach, SC!

When your son looks at you with those big, brown, pleading eyes and says "Mom....."   well, you would do just what I did....gas up the van and say "let's go!"

We had to leave my little man at home under the watchful eyes of those who love him....he wasn't feeling well and we couldn't afford 1,000 potty stops on such a long trip.  We left at 5:30 am.  We got to Myrtle Beach about 1:00 pm.  Jeremy was so excited to meet Michael that he was about to pop!  We entered a huge beautiful home, Elijah would have called it a mansion! We traveled upstairs and into the "studio".  There they were, custom built, wrapped in a beautiful blue sparkle...huge!  Jeremy sat down and began to play....a gorgeous set of Roland Electric Drums!

Dreams do come true!

Michael explained everything, threw in some wonderful "just in case you need it" items and even gave Jeremy a huge case on wheels to hold the drums when they break down.  They are used.....slightly....but you'd never know it...there isn't a mark on them.


I was shocked at how big they were....they barely fit in the back of the van...barely!  If Elijah had been feeling better and joined us on this trip, we never would have gotten everything in...Jeremy was crowded on the way home but I heard nary a complaint!

We found out we were only 4 blocks from the beach and Jeremy had never seen the Atlantic Ocean.  I wish we had been able to spend the night and enjoy a day on the beach.  We took the opportunity to enjoy some fresh, local seafood for lunch and then drove to a residential area and found a public access to the beach.  We only spent about 15 minutes there but Jeremy got to walk out and wade in the ocean for a bit - it was a beautiful day and we ended up far from the crazy crowds.  We don't "do" public beaches because of the attire lack of attire but this residential section was almost deserted.  Jeremy found some shells and fossils for his little brother and I snapped this quick picture with my phone....(why, oh why didn't I bring my camera?!)

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

It was hard to get back in the car and face the long drive home.  I think it was after midnight when we pulled in.  I went straight to bed and never heard a thing until the roosters started calling at sunrise.  However, I have been told that Jeremy unloaded them, put them together and played them that night!

Aaaaahhhhh, the silence.....these wonderful electric drums can be used with a headset.  Mothers of drummers will understand my excitement at the thought.  When Jeremy  would play his acoustic set his brother had to wear ear protection if he was in the same room!  I could hear it across the driveway, inside my Mom's house, with all the windows and doors shut and the a/c running.  LOUD doesn't even begin to describe it.

This set is quiet.  I can't even hear it in my room with the door closed when he practices.....and he practices a lot!  I LOVE THIS SET!!! ~ahem~  Mothers of drummers will understand!

Jeremy has a passion for music.  He plays most Wed. nights at our home group during worship.  He plays often on Sunday mornings at church.  His dream is to play in a band using his talents to bring glory to our Father.  I believe that will happen.  He's good. People who know about such things have told me so.  Me?  I wouldn't have had a clue....I'm his Mom...of course I love what he does.

I am thankful to our Father for this provision, for the blessing it was to see my family pitch in to make this happen for Jeremy, for Michael who touched and blessed our lives with his generosity and talent and for the beauty of that magnificent ocean...even if we only enjoyed it for a few moments.

I look forward to seeing what He will do with Jeremy's passion for worship.  One week after  picking up his drums, Jeremy had his first "public" performance....I can't wait to tell you all about it!



  1. How neat! And what a special trip for the two of you to make.

    Now, if they would just make banjos that can be played with headsets ...

  2. Congratualtions to Jeremy!! You need to post more video of him playing the drums like you did in the past! Glad you got to enjoy some time at the beach as well. That was a day he will always remember! I am sure he realizes the sacrifices his family made for his benefit. Jeremy is blessed with lots of love!

  3. Wow, what an incredible blessing! AND getting to see the ocean for a few minutes!

    Ditto about posting some more videos of him- I really enjoyed the ones from "That Thing You Do"

  4. God is gracious!

    I'm glad that the little beach visit could happen as well; icing on an already yummy cake!

  5. Nice! You did a great job in the Tea Party With the Willi with those drums! Nice!


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