Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Classes...past and future!

I had SO much fun at my last class.  I got to know a sweet lady much better (Hi Elaine!) and felt like I made a new friend (Hi Christy!).  The class was smaller than usual but I think I enjoyed it more that way.  Perhaps I'll do some more small classes.  We studied all about how to make herbal medicine and then we studied 10 herbs to use ...and we used most of them that day!


These ladies worked hard and laughed a lot.  I think we all had a lot of fun.  They went home with my book, Calendula Salve, a yummy cough syrup and a tincture custom made for their own particular needs.


I hope they also went home with lots of great memories.

Having fun!

Of course, when women work hard they get hungry....right?  About half way through the class we needed to take a little break for refreshment.


I served some herbal cheese, garlic and chives I think it was, along with crackers and fresh bread.  I also made a huge bowl of this...


and served it with chips.  We washed all of this down with the iced Chamomile tea and Lavender Lemonade that these ladies made in class.

One of the last things we learned to do was to make our own Colloidal Silver....for pennies!  One of the ladies in class, Faith, caught this amazing picture (along with a few others on this page!).  Thanks Faith!

Cooking silver!

You can see the silver particles flowing into the distilled water....awesome!

Thanks ladies for making this class SO much fun!

My next class will be Soap Making.  I'll be teaching this class on August 29th here on the farm.  Seating is always limited so if you think you might be interested just zip me an email.  I'll give the details soon!

Now, it's time to get some rest since I'll be spending tomorrow with my canner....tomatoes, jalapenos, tomato sauce and more!  Fall is looking better and better...perhaps I'll get a nap then :)



  1. What an awesome class! So jealous!

  2. I'd love to sign up for the soap making class!

  3. So I figure if I start pinching pennies now, I can take this class in about 3years. Promise, Lord willing, that you'll still be having them.:)

  4. OOppps, I'd like to point out that the cost of the class isn't the problem, that's pretty darn reasonable. It's the cost of an airplane ticket from where I live and steeling myself to fly alone that's the fly in the calandula salve, so to speak.

  5. Looks wonderful! Wish I lived closer.


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