Monday, September 21, 2009

One More Time!

Ever wish for the chance to do something again - and make a change?  Well, I did recently!  I wrote about a sweet family that swept in from California, stole our hearts and slipped away.  They probably weren't out of our driveway when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures.  You can read about them here.

A few days later I got a phone call....they were headed home and wanted to know if they could stop back by on their way for a short visit and pictures! Boy was I excited...the boys too!  They came...and we took pictures, rode the horse, ate some birthday cake and had a nice long chat.  Jim even took the time to advise Jeremy on some building kind!

Dear ones!

What a dear family! I think my boys are working hard to convince them to move here....I think they have ulterior motives.  My boys have ALWAYS wanted a little sister and this young lady has really impressed them.  She is very feminine, she's modest, rides like she is part of the horse,  carries a knife and is a great shot with a bow and arrow...I think they have adopted her but are keeping it a secret from me.  They don't have too....I'd be thrilled! In fact, I think we need to adopt them all!

Then there is the sweet young man!  He and Elijah are quite a pair.  I think we could turn them loose in the morning and they would be content to explore the entire 45 acres...we probably wouldn't see them till supper time.  Elijah pictures them just over the creek where the boys could run back and forth to play.

We are praying that our Father gives them divine direction and helps them find the place that He wants to plant them....and we are hoping and praying that it is very close by!

What fun we had!

We miss you guys!  Ya'll come back....soon!


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