Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Soapmaking Made Simple!

Finally!  My  soap making book, "Soapmaking Made Simple!" is up on my site and available to ya'll!  I think getting it up on the site was more difficult than writing the book!  What I thought would take a day ended up taking a week.  Storms, internet outages, and last night...just as I finished it server went offline for 6 hours for upgrades!

However, it is finally working and I am very excited!  You can find my book, Soapmaking Made Simple! on my website.

I am including the description of my course below:

This course will teach you how to make soap in your own kitchen! Included are the basics of soap making with easy step-by-step instructions that walk you through the simple art of  making your own batch of soap! I also show you what equipment you’ll need and probably already have!

I teach you about SAP values and why they are important, what lye discounts are and why you need to understand them and what “percentages” mean.  This combined knowledge not only helps you understand the soap making process but it gives you the skills to evaluate any recipe you find online or in a book so that you can determine if you would like to use need to waste all those ingredients to discover you don’t like that particular recipe. Even more important, it gives you the skills to create your own unique recipes!

After I cover the basics, we delve into the fun! I teach you what superfatting is and how to do it so that you can create that luxurious soap you’ve been dreaming about!  You will learn how to color your soap naturally, how to use essential oils and how to create your own blends of essential oils easily and test them inexpensively! I also guide you through the properties and “notes” of essential oils.

You will learn about absolute oils, butters and clays and why and how to use them. I’ll teach you about soap molds and help you find your own home!  There are over a dozen “tried and true” recipes for soap including many basic recipes along with recipes for Castile, a shaving soap, a milk soap, and more!

I have included both a “tips” section and a “troubleshooting” section to help you salvage any “mistakes” that might happen, I have shared my list for recommended reading and online sites that teach about soap making so you can continue your adventures.  I give you my list of resources for purchasing ingredients and even recommend software for soap makers!

I’ve done all the “wrong” things according to other soap makers! I have shared my secrets, shared many short cuts, given you great recipes, shared my list of resources, essentially shared it all!

Of course, this book comes with 30 days of mentoring by email!  Send me as many questions as you want, as often as you like and I will walk with you as you begin your adventure with making soap.

Download your book and let me help you begin your journey in soap making with confidence!

And the best part? This course is only $20.0!!. The book is over 60 pages long and is filled with the knowledge that I have gained during my nine years of soap making!

I'm looking forward to mentoring each one of you as you acquire the passion for making soap:)


PS!  This weekend I will be adding Josiah's soap mold on my site.  All of the money from the sale of the molds goes to Josiah.  Just another of his many businesses :)  All the recipes in my book have been calculated to his mold...although I teach you how to use any mold :)  However, if you are looking for a hand crafted, solid wood, reasonably-priced loaf mold....check back in a few days!


  1. Hi Cheri,

    You are generous with your expertise and I pray many will benefit from your guide. And the molds!

    I'm telling a Yahoo! group of homemakers I'm part of about your guide. I hope many will look into it. Soapmaking and homemade laundry soap has been a topic several times among the group.

  2. This looks so neat, Cheri! I better wait until after canning season to jump in. Soap making is something I've always wanted to do.


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