Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Taste of Heaven

I love the way our Father works!  I was out late Wednesday night.  When I got home, one of my children handed me a phone message and told me I had to call this person...."something was up". He had overheard a comment in the background, "No let's surprise her." He didn't know if it was good or bad but his curiosity was getting the better of him.

I had a name...Rebecca...and a number.  When I looked up the area code I found out they were in California so I wasn't worried about the time.  I returned the call.

Well, it turned out to be a very sweet customer who had some time ago sent me a very special gift. You can read about that gift here. This stinker sweet lady was calling about placing an order for salve.  Okaayyy...then she let me have it......she wanted to pick it up IN PERSON!

We set a time for the next evening.  We've been so busy that it was amazing how the Father worked everything out: the evening was free, we had just cleaned the house (you ladies understand the importance of that detail!) and all of my children would be home that night!  I had an afternoon appointment but the boys took care of things around the house and when I left town and headed home they put the water on to boil.  I got home, threw together some pans of lasagna and put the bread to rise.  The boys set the table and I was peeking out the window every time I heard a car...or thought I did :)

When they pulled up, I couldn't hug her neck fast enough...I felt like family had come home! This sweet family had wanted to take us all to dinner but I am so thankful I had prepared a meal....the fellowship and sharing couldn't have been as deep in a public setting!

While we chatted, Jeremy put a salad together and Josiah took care of kitchen and table details. Elijah took their children to see the new kittens, meet the animals and tour the farm.  He was in his element!

It was so much fun to see this family interact and hear about their lives.  Their love for each other shines through.  It was easy to see the love and respect shared by this husband and wife and it was good for my boys to see this. Their children were models of well trained children who love our Lord.  Polite, kind, thoughtful....and full of joy and fun.  Obviously, God is the center of their home!

As the evening went on, we discovered how many things we have in common....thoughts, beliefs, convictions, joys and sorrows.  Tears slipped from eyes now and again, laughter rang through out our home....and it hit me.....I am so blessed to have these new friends as family!  These precious people are family...we share the same Father....I can look forward to eternity with them....oh what joy we will share then!

However, we're very selfish and don't want to wait and tried very hard to convince them to purchase a few acres of our farm and plant themselves here :)  I think Elijah is praying extra hard for that to happen!  I'll be sure to let you know if it does!

The hours flew by...and yet I think we could have all talked all night...and I know the children could have continued their play as well.  I fervently hope and pray that they end up in our area and very close by!  I told Rebecca that I would be praying very selfishly that they settle in our area of Tennessee. They are just starting down the path we started down 10 years ago and we would love to walk along side and share what we have learned, help them avoid the mistakes that we made and encourage them when they think they "can't". (Yes you can Rebecca!!)

I think my Father gives me these little "tastes of heaven" to encourage me.  Small slices of time when fellowship is sublime and we can share our love of our Father with each other, encourage each other, laugh and love together.

We are grateful to Him for these times.  I'm thankful she made the call (she felt like she was imposing...silly girl!), I'm thankful that our Father knew of this before we did and had already orchestrated the busy schedules of both families so that it was easy to say yes, and so very thankful that I was able to meet this sister in Christ and her lovely family.

Our hearts and lives have been touched and we are so blessed!


  1. Now it is our turn to share a few words :)

    My goodness, Cheri. We had such a delightfully memorable evening with you and your dear sons. We could not but notice how beautifully your sons honor their mother in all they did. We were blessed by your wisdom, your hospitality, and your love of our Lord.

    Our lives will never be the same. You have encouraged us in this journey.

    Thank you for being faithful and a true example of all that we hold dear.

    The van Vegten Family

  2. What a wonderful story! And I hadn't seen the first blog post from last September -- so I got to enjoy that too, as well as the link to their site!

    I believe my daughter may be getting married in the near future, and with your help I may have just found the perfect gift for them. ;) I always love the chance to purchase from home businesses that I know are like-minded and serve the Lord. Thanks so much for networking their information!


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