Friday, October 16, 2009

A glitch and a cow story continued...

Sorry dear boys had a bit of a stressful period the last few weeks dealing with an ongoing situation but our elders did what elders ought to do and really blessed my boys.  I am so glad that they have these wonderful relationships with the men who lead our body.  It was amazing, after 30 years of being a Christian, to see the leaders of a body follow the word and seek to obey Christ. These men prayed, things were revealed to each of them (isn't it cool when the Father does that?) and my boys were blessed by how they handled things. We are so grateful to our Abba Father who is continually going before us, providing for us and blessing us through this body that has become our family!

Back to cows....

We watched Suzie very closely for the next few days.  Mom called one day and said Suzie would lay down for a few minutes, get up, move and lay down again.  Strange. Later that day I was called out to her field by one of the boys - she was down again and couldn't get up....we thought....turns out she was laying in a very muddy spot and having trouble getting her legs under her.  She finally managed and we could throw some hay down on the muck.  Everything else seemed normal.

Early next morning, Jeremy called the house on his cell phone during chores - we get no reception out here so it was very broken up but I thought I heard Jeremy say "it's back!".  I moaned and told him I was headed out.  Grabbed my boots (we've had lots of rain!) and headed out to her field.  However when I got close I could tell that Jeremy was excited...happy excited....then I saw this...

Too cute!

Jeremy was trying to tell me about the new calf and was telling me "it's black". ( Can you hear me now? )  Seems that Suzie had been busy that morning having a baby!  He's an adorable little boy - half Jersey and half Angus.  When the vet had been out, Jeremy had mentioned that Suzie was stringing a little mucus.  I didn't think much of it and neither did the vet.  It just wasn't that much...or so we thought!

When Suzie came to our farm, she was in milk and when we put her in with the bull all he wanted to do was nurse her.  She would go stand in the pond to get away from him.  We moved her out of that field pretty quickly but evidently not quickly enough!

Meet Chocolate!

The boys are calling  him Chocolate because of his color.  I emailed D.J. to let him know his cow had surprised us and  boy was he surprised too!  We've stopped taking milk from Suzie for now but look forward to the time we can milk her again!

In the meantime, we are enjoying his antics as he romps and plays, kicking up his heels as he frolics around his momma.

Next post I'll share how our recent chicken butchering went!


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  1. Cheri,

    As a urban/suburban dweller most of my life, I'm surprised. Does this story indicate that sometimes you can't tell a cow is pregnant? That the calf doesn't "show?"

    Also, I prayed for you during your off-blog times. I figure that quiet on the blog meant busy/stressful events, and prayed.


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