Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is my favorite time of year!  I love the smells, the colors and being outside.  The fact that canning is done is also a blessing to me!  The colors this year have been amazing. I think the fact that the 10 year drought we've been experiencing is over has a lot to do with it. This is the view of the ridge that runs along the back of my farm.  My Father's creation is a glorious thing and I enjoy the ever-changing seasons that continually sing His praises!


Everywhere I go people are already talking about preparing for winter.  Evidently this region used to get a good bit of snow.  During the drought there has been little to none. This year people are expecting it to go back to normal levels!  This thrills my family! We are getting sleds ready!

I woke up last week to an eerie light - it was not quite dawn out.  When I got to my window there was a double rainbow just as clear as could be - I grabbed the camera but Elijah had been using it and the card was filled.  I quickly deleted a few pictures and was able to catch this picture but the clouds had moved in, the sun was a little higher and the colors not nearly as vibrant....but still a beautiful sight with which to begin my day!  I am thankful for the reminder of His promises.


We've been very busy here and I have found it hard to find the time to write.  We finished our last cutting of hay this month.  It has been baled and placed in our barns, both upper and lower  just waiting for winter.  We are so thankful for His provision!

This year, the fields produced much more hay than normal thanks to the wonderful rainfall!  And, the fields continue to grow...our neighbor baled again last week - I think it was his 5th cutting!  We are rotating our animals in an effort to clean fence lines with the goats and to keep our cattle eating fresh and delaying  the feeding of hay.  So far, so good!

We are expecting family in next week!  My brother and niece will be coming to spend Thanksgiving here and we are all looking forward to that.  (I wish my sister-in-law could come too but alas she can't get away this year). Mark spends a lot of time with my boys and they look forward to it every year.  He also takes them to the Bass Pro Shop and a local knife store - not sure who enjoys it brother or my boys!  I take the opportunity to spend time cooking with my niece while they are gone...or sometimes we make soap together.  It is always fun!

Our steer heads off to the  butcher tomorrow and we are looking forward to a freezer full of meat again.  We are nearly down to the bottom of our meat freezer and I have been rationing beef.  We are so thankful to be able to raise our own without anti-biotics, hormones or grain....grass fed only for us!

We have been busy with school which takes up much of our days.  I love the slower pace of fall and winter.  I enjoy the hours of teaching, discussion and learning (for me too!) that we get to experience each day.  What a blessing homeschooling is and how thankful I am that we still have that choice in this country.

We are looking forward to taking a couple of days next week for Thanksgiving!  The boys and I have a special project we are going to be working on after our feast.  We should be able to build it in a day!  We have been gathering the materials for months and with a little help from some friends in Kentucky, I think we may just succeed.  I'll take lots of pictures and will post the story....even if we aren't successful!



  1. Greetings, Mrs. Shelnutt

    I am so happy to hear that you are getting rain and possibly more snow than usual.

    I am curious ~ I cannot wait to see what you are going to be building after your Thanksgiving celebration. I am very eager to see your pictures.

    Blessings to Your Family,


  2. Those fall colors are gorgeous.

  3. i absolutely love your posts! i try not to be envious (pretend pout), your dream as it is unfolding is precious to me. i too love the same things! keep writing and sharing.


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