Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cleansing snow

All afternoon, I have been writing and watching.  Watching the snow pour from the heavens covering every blemish here on the farm.  A fresh start!  How amazing it is that His blood covers every blemish of ours and gives us a fresh white as the snow...every every season...all we need do is bend our knee and our will to Him!

Listen to the quiet!

And it continues to fall...covering our tracks from today, erasing our footprints and sledding trails.  There are many days that I'd like to go back and erase my tracks, take back my words, undo my actions as quietly and efficiently as the snow did today.  Only through Him can those things be achieved...words washed away, actions cleansed and made new...the ugly made beautiful.

Him bringing beauty where we sowed ugly?  How could we live without His life-giving cleansing? He washes clean and love grows because we bend knee?

It continues to His mercy!

It is unfathomable to me.

I can see them now, by the light outside, large lazy flakes pouring down.  It is supposed to do this until midnight. The flakes fall according to His will.  He takes the night and uses it to make tomorrow beautiful.  Just as he takes our dark times and uses them to make our tomorrows beautiful.... if we ask Him!

Won't you?  Ask Him?

Come....join me in the snow!


  1. Beautiful white, white snow. Beautiful Savior making us whole. I love your analogies, Cheri.

  2. Cheri,

    How lovely! I've been so excited about all of the snow, but you definitely got more than we did. I keep looking outside at night and sleeping with my shades open because the moonbeams are bouncing off of the snow. It always looks like morning! Absolutely amazing~


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