Monday, February 22, 2010

I Confess...

It is said that confession is good for the soul.  I want the best for my soul.  Which leads me to this...

I confess....I have an addiction.  You'd never know it by spending time with me.  You could walk through my home and you wouldn't know. You could probably live in my house and never know!   However, if you searched deep in the back of a closet...opened drawers....used a'd find my stash.

"Hello, my name is TNfarmgirl and I am a seed-aholic"!

Other women collect shoes, chocolate, clothes, animals, Fiestaware, artwork...I collect seeds.  I even specialize in certain areas - lettuces and tomatoes are my biggest downfall! Peppers aren't far behind. I listen to people say they store their seeds in a shoe box...seriously?  I have a three drawer chest...and a box...and a small tub.  Notice I said small tub.  I have 5 people to feed. I need all of these seeds. I tell myself this frequently.

This time of year feeds my addiction.  Are these people crazy sending me all of these catalogs?  I'm not unreasonable...I just want one of everything....everything heirloom that is - then I can feed my addiction in private - seed saving...aaahhhhh...can it get any better than this?

Keep your Godiva, your outlet malls, your Shoe Carnivals, your art galleries, your frou-frou puppies and kitties...give me seeds!  The hope, the flavor, the unending joy all packed into a tiny little seed!  I confess - I have a hard time throwing out old seeds.  In fact, ssshhhhhhh {I don't}.  I find a place on the farm, scratch a hole in the soil and scatter them in - perhaps something will pop up!  Often it does...sometimes I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!

But if it is a flower, I cut it and bring it into the house.  If it is food, we taste it, and if it is an herb, we try's better than a Sherlock Holmes mystery...I actually say this out loud to my children who love Sherlock Holmes...picture them now...three sets of eyes gazing at me in horror..."what IS that thing?"!

The trouble with my addiction is that it is incurable!  Oh, perhaps a move to the big city might fix it - but I think I'd sneak pots onto every windowsill - the balcony, the back porch...I'd find someplace to plant a seed!

Each year the catalogs add NEW seeds...imagine!  Just when I think I've tried it all...when I might be able to conquer this addiction... they pop up with different things. And don't even get me started on the descriptions.  I firmly believe that the person who writes the Fedco seed catalog is seriously deranged, an evil genius, way to talented.  This person has the ability to describe each entry in such detail that my mouth waters, my palms get sweaty, visions of acres of veggies (no weeds or bugs of course!) dance in my head.  I wish the snow and cold away.  I want need dirt. WARNING: Do NOT order this catalog.  Do NOT visit their website. You WILL be sorry.  It is perhaps what started my addiction.  You'll thank me later.

However, there are evil schemes afoot....and I AM catching on all you despicable catalog writers.  There is a conspiracy going on and I can prove it!  I have grown a lettuce called Freckles for years.  I LOVE this lettuce (remember my lettuce weakness?).  A few years ago, while perusing an evil seed catalog, I saw an entry under lettuce called Forellenschluss - it had a charming little story about it - very romantic - named for someone they deeply loved (Ellen Schluss) was all a lie by the way but I didn't know that at the time. I had to have it!  I ordered it.  I planted it.  I grew it.  It looked remarkably like Freckles.  It tasted remarkably like Freckles. IT WAS FRECKLES!

It is also sold under the name Speckled Trout Back or even Trout Back.  Do you see what they are doing - they sell the same seeds over and over with different names! It is enough to drive a seed-alcoholic to distraction! I've found the same thing re-occurring in other plant kingdoms...brassicas, squash and even   ~gasp~   tomatoes! TOMATOES people! They are tampering with tomatoes! In fact, they are tampering with everything!

I'm putting you catalog writers on notice...I'm keeping notes people! I do not want to waste my time buying and growing something that turns out to be something I already buy and grow - I want new!  I want different! I want more!

I have done very well this year.  I am battling my addiction with courage.  I am in control.

My children have hidden my checkbook.

Oh!...I hear the mailman....come back tomorrow and I'll fill you in   *ssshhhhh*  my children are listening....


  1. From one seed-a-holic to another, I really love this post ;-)

    Fedco is one of my favorites!

  2. I hear you and I feel your pain! I need seeds! :-)

  3. Oh -- I too have the addiction -- seed catalogs are dangerous -- as are all the hort catalogs for me. I have "lent" my stash of catalogs to colleagues at hoping that will reign me in! Plus sales are bad for me! I am a little worried about spring arriving....last fall I stumbled on some amazing deals for spring bulbs and bought them (and planted them)...then I found another deal and bought (and planted...trying to remember where I planted the previous ones)...then I found a third deal and even more amazing deal and bought BUT that company sent me tonnes of extra bulbs to thank me for ordering (Try figuring out where to plant all those bulbs, especially when you live in the city!) total I spent about $25 and got about $300 (or more)worth of bulbs but I think I am going to be known as "that neighbour" in the spring!

  4. Hi there! I'm a new visitor her and I just love your blog!! I'm a seed seeker, too, but I think you have surpassed my wildest seed dreams.

  5. I laughed out loud when I read your confession. I'm addicted to every gardening book i can get my hands on. It seems as if EVERY ONE of them has the "answer" to HOW to grow your seeds. ;o)

  6. I thought I was the only one with so many seeds! I have 3 medium-size tubs - one for last year's left-over purchased seeds, one for seeds I collected from flowers and herbs I grew last year, and one for this year's seeds. My stack of seed catalogs this year is 36" high! What I hate is that the same seed is described so differently in each catalog, with different growing instructions, different growing zones, etc. Until you purchase it and grow it, how do you really know what it is going to do? I need more greenhouse space!

  7. Ladies,
    We should form a 10 step would turn into a seed swap!

    Tam, it is good to know that someone local has the same problem! I agree about the greenhouse space - it's never enough!


  8. You aren't alone, don't worry. I filled a shoebox (or two or three) and many of them I haven't planted yet. I love Baker's Creek seeds. And the Chocolate Cherry tomatoes aren't bad, but they aren't the sweet you're looking for. I prefer the big tomatoes. Mr Stripey, Brandywine, and Cherokee Purple of course. This year we're going to try Green Zebras and some organic Glacier tomatoes. Those are two new ones for us. I've heard raves about the Zebras, but nothing yet about the Glaciers. Apparently, the Glacier tomatoes are supposed to be able to go from seed to harvest in 45 days. Not only that, but they can withstand cooler temperatures and start blossoming at 4" tall! That sold me right there.

    Mrs. Yoder


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