Monday, February 1, 2010

My NEW Perpetual Garden Calendar!!

Yes! I said NEW!  (can you hear the "whoosh" as I unveil it?).

The all new "Gardening Through the Year with the TNfarmgirl - A Perpetual Calendar for the Garden!"


For those of you "not in the know", this is no ordinary calendar.  There are no blank squares under the name of the month so you can scribble notes and appointments down.

You also don't throw this one away at the end of the year!  This calendar gathers everything you need to know for gardening for each particular month, into one place! Tired of looking through lots of different gardening books only to be totally confused? This is the calendar for you!


I wrote this calendar 5 years ago for just that reason.  I wanted it all in one place.  I wanted something that I could take to the garden that would tell me what to do - I don't know Elliot Coleman personally or I would have asked him...or maybe someone at the Rodale Institute. I was tired of dragging multiple books to the wrote this calendar for me.  Then others got wind of it and wanted a copy for themselves and now I write for ya'll also!

This time, in addition to all of the gardening information in my last calendar, I've added more than 4 times the amount of tips!  Little tidbits we've learned over the years to make things quicker and easier with better results. I've made other changes throughout my calendar since we've added 5 more years of gardening experience and knowledge!

I'm also very excited about some of my new pages...I've added a chart that gives you the life expectancy of most common vegetable seeds.


This will help you determine if those seeds you found in the back of the desk drawer are still good.  If you aren't sure, I've included instructions on how to do a germination test to determine if you should plant those long forgotten seeds, and how thickly you might want to sow them!

There is a new page listing some of my favorite gardening books by category along with a long list of my favorite food preservation books!

Books galore!

And...what ya'll have requested most...a USDA Hardiness Zone Conversion Chart by Frost Dates!!!!!!

Zone conversion!

No matter what zone you live in, this chart will show you how to use my calendar! (Except those poor people who live in Zone 1 and have the possibility of a frost 365 days out of 365 days!  I was shocked to read you even garden?  heck, do you even own shorts?!)

Of course, I still include a copy of my planting chart.

Planting time is around the corner!

And all the wonderful information on how to, what to and when to plant in your garden!  There is an area under each month where you can keep your own garden notes too!

Last time I took my calendar to a printer. I got a wonderful deal because of price matching, So, of course, I went back to do it again.  Good deal?  Not so much. They are still probably looking for my teeth - I dropped them when I heard the price!  Wow have things gone up.  You couldn't have afforded this calendar - neither could I.  Ridiculous things - $2.00 to punch each calendar (this is to cover the very hard job of sliding the papers into a slot and letting the ELECTRIC machine do the job..about 2 seconds), then it was $2.00 to bind each calendar (again...done by machine and in just a matter of seconds!)...add the cost of the paper (cheaper, thinner paper that would not hold up year after year mind you!) then printing on the paper (don't even ask - it was ridiculous! I wanted to ask them if they paid someone to count the sheets, or open the box of paper....but I managed to hold my tongue...barely!).

I decided to do it myself.  I used a laser printer and printed onto 80 lb. card-stock so this calendar will last for years! Costs more upfront but cheaper in the end.  The best part?  I don't have to raise the price! Even though I've added more information and more sheets the price remains the same at $20.00!! This is about the average for those calendars you throw away at the end of the year...the ones with all the blank squares....

So, I'm printing and binding my little heart out...come and get'em!



  1. Please save one for me! If you want to bring it to church, I'll pay for it then! Thanks! I'm so excited...

  2. Good you didn't go to Kinkos - they would have really bit into you. Charged $.25 extra to lay an item on the copier along with the $7.00 ripoff fee for a (A as in 1/one)8x10 print of the picture. Also wanted $2700.00 (!!!!) to copy a book of maybe 200 pages. Yeeks.

    Wish I could manage for one of your calendars - you are a pro, ma'am. Maybe one day I can.

  3. if you are looking for more information on USDA plant hardiness zones, there is a detailed and interactive USDA plant hardiness zone map at which allow you to locate your USDA zone based on zipcode or city.

  4. CHERI!! Yey! I have been waiting for this! I don't know how to get one from you, but surely since we live as close as we do, we can figure this out! Maybe I can finagle a visit sans children! That would be delightful for me!

  5. Hey Brandy!
    Sounds like a great plan :) Still have that tent for the kids from Elijah!

  6. I still have my "original" bought from you several years ago. It's such a great reference tool, and the upgrades sound wonderful. I hope you sell out!

  7. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you and your blog for the "Sunshine Award." You can read more about it on my blog, Beth Stone Studio at this link:

    I'm enjoying your posts! Have a great day!

    (Sorry I missed you at church today - we had to blaze... can you bring it again next week? Thanks!)

  8. Hi! Your perpetual calendar is exactly what I've been hoping (and praying!)for, for a long time! I can only imagine how much time, effort, and loving labour has gone into it! Thank you for taking such difficult personal measures to make it available to the rest of us!!

    My order is in and I can't wait!

    Thank you and God Bless~ Linda


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