Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Now that the boys are out doing chores...let's talk about what new things I'm growing this year! What you are about to see, you will never repeat...understand?! Last thing I need in my life right now are a bunch of tattletales!

There is a list of all of the regular varieties of plants that we have tried and grown to love over the years in my Perpetual Gardening Calendar. For those of you who have my calendar and want to know what new things we are doing, this post should catch you up.

I have managed to control my addiction for seeds in regards to lettuce - I did not order any new seeds.  This had nothing to do with the disapproving looks from my 16 year old as he held up a full 12 inches of lettuce seed packets.  It.did.not!  Believe me....this is progress - it is the first time in 10 years that I did not order a new variety!

However, talking about tomatoes...well, a girl has to have a new tomato every year. It's a lot cheaper than a new car every year, or dress, or shoes (am I rationalizing?). That is just common sense....right???  I am always on the lookout for a very sweet heirloom cherry tomato. If you know of one, leave me a comment.  Currently we still love Super Sweet 100's but it is a hybrid so each year I try something new hoping to come close. Last year I ordered and grew Black Cherry which was supposed to taste like a Cherokee Purple - the best tomato every created!  It didn't taste exactly like a Cherokee Purple but it was pretty close - it's a keeper!

This year I ordered....Peacevine. Anyone ever grown it?  And then, because I'm all for equal rights for all tomatoes,  non-discriminatory, ahem....hopelessly addicted to tomatoes, I also ordered Chocolate Cherry (it's CHOCOLATE people!), Isis Candy (they have a cat's eye star burst at the blossom end!), Sugar Lump (a sweet heirloom from Germany!), Tommy Toe (only because people ask me for it at market...really...) and Yellow Cherry (they said it is preferred by taste testers as much as Super Sweet 100's!).

OK, perhaps I got a little carried away in the cherry tomato department. It's all the fault of Totally Tomatoes.  They not only have one of those deranged, evil, talented catalog writers, they have COLOR pictures.  COLOR people!!!  Foul play! Someone throw a flag for goodness sakes!

Moving on....let's talk about tomatoes...or let's not.  I had a little trouble controlling myself there.  Again, it is that pesky website Totally Tomatoes!  I had convinced myself that I would only allow two new tomatoes this year.  Foolish girl!  I ended up picking out just a tad bit more.  Anna Russian, Amish Salad (AMISH!), Caspian Pink (all girls love least this one does), Box Car Willy (really...could YOU resist that name?), and Hillbilly (better not be the same as Box Car Willy!).  All I can say is It's Not My Fault!!!  Well, yes it is.  I'm weak and undisciplined when it comes to tomatoes.  My dream would be to have a taste of every fresh heirloom tomato known to man, take notes, and put myself out of this misery.

On to peppers...I'm going to try Yummy Pepper...listen.... it was named by children, they called it Yum Yum in Czech.  I'm sure this same pesky website would NEVER lie to me!  I only ordered one new should be standing, applauding and yelling bravo into your computer screen at this point.  I'm just saying.

I think the worst has happened....I've possibly passed this condition on to Josiah who had a list of his own.  New varieties of squash, radishes, kale, okra,  zucchini, corn, peas, cantaloupe, mouth began to water, my palms got sweaty, visions began to dance in front of my eyes...tomatoes, squash, peppers, veggies of all colors and sizes....I felt faint...I counseled him to be reasonable, suggested he reduce the list, I failed miserably as a mother and allowed him to GET IT ALL!!!!

I'll have to hide the boxes of seeds when they come...I'll slip down to the greenhouse while the boys are involved in a game of Killer Bunnies...I'll throw some seeds in the dirt and label them mysteriously...they'll never know....(I'll never get away with this!).

I will hate myself in July when the weeds are thriving and it is 90 out.  I'll hate it when I have to can, dehydrate, freeze and cook all of this stuff.  But, I'll love myself again when the first snow falls and my pantry shelves and freezers are full!

Then...the worst of it mother (my mother!) sent over two lists of tomatoes that she tore out of a magazine....heirloom tomatoes....many I'd never heard of....WITH COLOR PICTURES! I'm pretty sure I threw those right out since we had already placed our seed orders.  Or...I might have tucked them away for next sure they went in the shredder. Yup...that's what happened.  I had great self-control...

So...commiserate with me, teach me, enlighten me...what are your favorite lettuces, tomatoes and peppers.  Don't worry, I won't take notes...


  1. Get hold of the book "Gardening When it Counts" by Steve Soloman. In the chapter on seeds, I think you will find the section on Tomatoes enlightening.

  2. Jake,
    I just got this book on the recommendation of a friend. I'm going to go read about tomatoes right now :)


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