Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here we go again!


Sometime during the night, the sleet turned to snow...

A beautiful blanket

Although we've enjoyed watching it gently fall....

Softly raining down

I actually heard one of my boys say, "I'm tired of snow".  Granted it took him almost 20 years to get to that point but I never thought I'd hear that!  It probably had something to do with home group being canceled last night!  It is a very important evening for my boys and they hate to miss it.  Instead, we had a cozy dinner and played games together.

Tonight they have a "man class".  They will hate to miss it but I can only imagine what the roads are like.  We may need to do a test run to see if they are clear.  I need to take some of my calendars to the post office and that will "tell the tale" as Grandma used to say!

I think I'd like to join least for a week!

I'm ready for spring!



  1. We're freezing down here, but without the snow!

  2. No snow....the promise of a quick return to sunshine and 70 degrees....still think you're in the right place!


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