Friday, March 26, 2010

Catching up!

I'm happy to say that mama's little puppy has found a new home with a sweet lady from Elizabethton TN.  She drove to the farm (several hours) the day she got the news!

Miss Poppins is settling nicely here.  She still adores Elijah but is tolerating the rest of us a bit better.  However, if there is a choice of arms or lap...hers is always for Elijah.  She is quite fiesty - she takes on the golden lab, the roosters and chickens, and quite recently I had to restrain her from going into the pasture to take on our huge angus bull!

She had her first bath - in the kitchen sink and she did very well.  I'm not saying she liked it but she didn't fight it.

We noticed a few fleas on her so we chose to use my Canine Caress Pet Shampoo bar. And, of course it killed the little critters but was gentle to our sweet Poppy.

However, Tiffa was very concerned about what we were doing with Poppy.  They have been getting along very well - Poppy is the boss of Tiffa.

Tiffa belongs to my oldest son Joshua.  I had to snap this picture - I only wish I could convey the whining and whimpering that accompanied it!

Elijah's face tells it all!

And Miss Poppins is very glad that the whole thing is over!
I think she gets cuter everyday!

We have been battling the weather here...70 degrees one day and then snow the next.  Windows open enjoying the breeze and the next morning a fire in the fireplace!  It is crazy!  All that global warming you know ;)

I'll be off for the next couple of days.  We're having company this weekend and we are so excited.  This family will be visiting here - all 11 of them!  When my husband left a few years ago, Mr. Visionary came to our rescue.  We had never met this family but they came and spent a day and Mr. Visionary fixed all of our non-working gardening equipment, a yard faucet that had frozen in my greenhouse and other things.

The neat part was that he took my boys along with him, mentored them, loved on them and made sure they understood each step and why.  What a blessing!  I think it gave them the confidence to tackle the many projects around here.  He laid a foundation that has been producing fruit for the last three years!

This time they are coming for fun and we are really looking forward to this visit!  I'll be spending today cooking up all sorts of yummy things for this weekend. My do it all ahead so that I can visit and enjoy my friends for the next few days.

I'll be back on Monday with dates for new classes, pictures of the weekend and more!

Have a blessed weekend.  Please remember to keep Todd in your prayers and if you haven't signed the petition please read the previous post! The doctors are re-thinking things and have agreed to meet with Todd!




  1. Oh what fun to have that family over! Tell her I love her blog and wished she posted more....I know, I know, she has 9 kids to tend to! (I've read all the way back to the beginning of her blog!)

  2. I'm glad I don't have to give my cat any more baths... I only had to when she was a kitten, and that was bad enough! Those pics are too cute!

    Missed you all Wednesday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend (I know you will! Look at that sunshine outside!) Love~

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I haven't been on my blog in FOREVER! I think I might do a post today.


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